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Hi there! Welcome to my Website ATM review!

May it be online or physical world, “scam” is constantly existing.

It has almost, if not, had already been deeply rooted in the people’s customs. I mean, life cannot be life without scammers. Although it is a bad thing, very negative to listen to, that is a reality, my dear.

For those who have been in the online business world, we can somehow easily distinguish scam programs from legit and high-quality programs.

I have been doing reviews of different business opportunities, and I must tell you that most programs that are scams have somehow identical features. That is what helps me identify programs that are illegal because they are somewhat similar.

Well, do not worry, if you want to master this skill – distinguishing scam from legal – keep on reading my reviews, and I am sure you’ll get to know the trick.

So, this program that I’ll be giving a review on, is known as the Website ATM.

I do not want to spoil you this early, but I heard a lot of negative feedback about this program. But do not worry, these feedbacks won’t have any bearing to this review. I will give you my honest to goodness opinion of this program.

Here are the things that I will be discussing in this review about the Website ATM:

  • What Is Website ATM?
  • Website ATM System Tour
  • Reasons Why you better to avoid Website ATM
  • Who Can Benefit from Website ATM?
  • Is Website ATM A Scam?
  • >>>A Much Better Way To Make Money Online – I don’t want to disappoint you, but after reading this Website ATM review, I dare to bet you’ll decide to stay away from it. However, since you are here, it proves that you are interested in online money making methods. That’s why, in this section, instead of another easy money promising program or a “get-rich-quick” scheme, I show you a real and evergreen business model I’ve been using for more than 2 years now and an amazing training platform that taught me everything step by step what I needed to build a 6-figure online business.

I know you are so curious about the truth about this program, so let us not make this any longer.

Let us jump into the review!

Website ATM Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Website ATM

Product Type:  Fake Affiliate System

Founder:  Nick Harvey

Best for:  Nobody, just for the Owners

Price:  $47 monthly + several upsells


My Rating 1/100

Not Recommended

What Is Website ATM?

Website ATM Landing page

Website ATM was founded by a guy named Nick Harvey who was an ex-accountant.

He said that this program is like an instant money machine where you will be having your own ATM in your pockets.

This program offers you $500 per day just by clicking a button. 

It’s so typical, I have reviewed several programs like Amazon Cash Websites, Your New At Home Carrier or Clicks Dealer that promised the same thing.

According to Website ATM’s site, if you will sign up to them, just by pushing buttons, the money will be pouring into your bank account every single day!

If that is real, then it is an amazingly perfect opportunity, but isn’t it too unrealistic?

They have shown video testimonials (which, by the way, looks so fake and the people look like actors) saying that to start in Website ATM, you will just be watching 4 videos and push a button then, there you go!

You’re all good! You will now be receiving $500 per day. It is so unrealistic because it is as good as doing nothing but earning a huge amount of money!

Don’t you think that sounds ironic?

It is very appealing to any person who badly needed a job or money because this kind of program will actually give you the idea that you want to hear but in reality, they are just luring you to take the bait that they prepared.

This system stated that they are only selling these ATM to 300 people, but many reviews and feedback said that they actually don’t have any limits, in fact, they are just saying that because it is their marketing trick.

People will be interested since it is limited and feels really special for being one of the 300 people that was chosen.

The whole concept this Website ATM is like an affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is actually a good type of business but that is if the program is not a scam.

So here, you are just given a website, and it is not the normal website but just a duplicate one because they are actually just giving the same duplicated site to all of their members.

One downside of this is that, yes, you already have your website to promote products and whatnot, but still, you have to spend more time and effort, and probably money to drive traffic to your website, otherwise, you will not earn.

One of the easiest and most used ways to gather visitors is through search engines such as Google, but the problem is these search engines don’t work with duplicate websites.

The bottom line here is you are not earning anything, and Website ATM doesn’t care about that since all they care is the earnings that they could get from you.

The “pushing of a button” that they mean is actually the clicking of advertisements.

Since these advertisements are paid, you will earn if someone will click the ads. I know most of you are aware of this. So now you know the catch.

Instead of wasting your money on scams...

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Website ATM System Tour

Website ATM claims to have this “Done for you” system, which has 2 types:

1. A “Done for you” sales funnel

This system is said to be teaching and helping you drive traffic to the very front end of the system and what is great about this is that it will be the one who will convert the visitors that you will be having into sales.

I mean, this is basic, you know that you need visitors especially if the structure of your business is like that of an affiliate marketing.

2. A Cookie Cutter word press Blog with pre-loaded Content

For me, this type of done for you system is not the best idea since the website that you have is a duplicate which will hinder you to rank your website into the search engines. Like what I have said a while ago, search engines and duplicate websites don’t work together.

Reasons Why You Better To Avoid Website ATM

1. Not trustworthy

It is not a trusted page to give your credit card!


First is that they did not provide a detailed contact person in case you will encounter a problem with your account. There is no customer support number and even an email address so that you will be able to contact the company!

Then of course, because they will tell you that you have a three-day trial and after you have used this free trial, you will be charged monthly but the thing is when you check out, you will be charged with $47 fee, so basically, there is no 3-day trial, right?

And what is this they are saying that you will be charged monthly? I thought that all you have to do is push a button and earn money, why is there a monthly charge?

2. Paid actors and fake testimonials

It is very obvious that they are actually just paying actors to help advertise their program.

Most of their testimonials are also obviously just made up since you can see that the people testifying are just reading a script.

This is what I was telling you earlier – the distinguishing feature of a scam program.

Most programs that I have reviewed have testimonials made by fake actors, thus, this fact is a red flag for me. They just confirmed that their program is a fraud.

Why would they need actors to give a testimonial about their program had it been truly successful?

Simply because no one has ever succeeded using their program. No one can validate their claims.

Fake testimonial

Paid actor

3. “Done for you” system doesn’t work

This what they call push-button system is just imagination or just a pure idea, why?

No real person actually testified that it really existed, because if it’s true, then probably many people would leave their jobs and just join  Website ATM.

No person will be earning $7,545 in just 15 days by just clicking a button, that is absolute nonsense.

4. False claims

They said that you will be earning money in just a minute that would total to $500 a day!

That is a big fat lie! 

Because the truth is, they are the one who is earning a lot of money from you. They are the one sucking on your bank accounts and leave you with nothing afterwards.

Another thing is that they said that they are only selling ATM for 300 people, which is actually a lie also.

They have claimed many things, yet they validated not even one. This has just raised another red flag for their program, and in case you didn’t know, this feature is also common to most programs that are a scam.

They have such huge claims, or shall I say almost impossible claims.

Who Can Benefit From Website ATM?

No one! 

No people will be benefiting in this Website ATM program, except of course for the owner himself and his accomplice.

They will make you believe that you will get rich and earn a lot through them but the naked truth is that they are just going to suck all your money from your bank account until you are left with nothing but tears.

You will get nothing from here that is why you really have to avoid being involved in this system because, in reality, the only thing that you will get after joining this program is the word “regret” which we don’t want to happen.

However, if you are really interested to look for an online business opportunity that could help you generate a passive income, I will give you my recommended program at the end of this review. 

You are aware of this business opportunity, I’m sure, it is actually affiliate marketing and I have been in this business for quite a while now and it worked for me very well.

I will talk about it more in the latter part. So, read on.

Is Website ATM A Scam?

Just by looking at their program, I can say yes, Website ATM is a BIG SCAM! 

Their claims are way too unrealistic. I have read many reviews saying how they wasted their time in this program and got nothing. Earning $500 a day just by clicking buttons sounds so impossible.

But I am not saying that earning $500 a day is not possible, it is, but it is just that, we cannot earn it by doing anything, we have to work hard for it.

It doesn’t just come by pushing a button!!!

Who would still buy this drama? This is very common to scam programs, the “easy money scheme”.

I tell you guys, there is no easy money!

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Aside from this reason, they have raised quite a number of red flags about this program and I really think that we should put that into consideration.

Also, the negative comments from those who are former members of this program. They also should be considered.

I know all of us want a job that is convenient, but we should also evaluate its capacity to help us earn since that is why we are here, right? To look for an opportunity that could provide us with a passive income.

A Much Better Way To Make Money Online

As I promised, by the end of this review “you’ll know all the important details to make the right decision”: Stay Away From Website ATM!

Sorry, if I disappointed you but I always try to be as honest as I can!

Here is the ugly truth: 

There is no money without work and effort! Especially not on the internet. 

If you really want to make serious money online, I have good news: It absolutely possible with Affiliate Marketing! 

Howeveryou have to put in the effort first! If you do so, I can guarantee that success will come!

Why do I say this?

Because I know it from experience!

I experienced it on my own skin and I met thousands of successful online marketers inside the World’s best Affiliate Marketing training platform and community who have already managed to build their business from the ground up, without any prior experience or knowledge. 

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business models, for several reasons:

  • You can live wherever you want, you just need a laptop and internet connection
  • It doesn’t require any initial cost
  • It can be run without spending a dime – Only requires daily work
  • you don’t have to spend money on advertising if you know how to get millions of visitors for free from search engines like Google – This technique is taught by my recommended training
  • The possibilities are literally limitless: You can tap as many niches as you want
  • It can be a passive income stream: Once, you have built your very own Affiliate business, you can outsource the whole process

So, if you are interested in a real business opportunity and don’t want to fail, then be sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you everything from A-Z about this amazing business.

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I started this site with the intention of helping those looking for any kind of online money making opportunity.

Since there is an incredible number of scammers out there, who make people believe that they can be rich overnight just by pushing a button, more and more people walk into their straps and end up losing their hard-earned money.

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  1. The original website I was being lured into was a women’s site. A 21 step course and employment after. As soon as I signed up (silly single mom trying to supplement income) I was redirected to this Web ATM site. I denied every offer and was sent to a registration page. I then called and got the same woman 3 times that confirmed the connection with the woman (can’t remember her name of course) but could not give me any contact information. Any chance you have any information about this woman? What the connection is? I’m at a standstill with reporting this until I can at least identify who she is. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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