The Income Formula Review
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Hello and welcome to my review on The Income Formula.

In my past reviews, I have been very vocal about telling my dear readers that finding a great training program will actually help you kick-start your business the right way. Rather than going through several hits and misses, it is better that we take a small investment and get proper training on how to start and manage our own online business.

But, not all trainings can provide you the value that you need. Not all trainings may be helpful.

In this review, we will check out what The Income Formula can give you.

Will it really add value to your business, or is this another empty course that will only teach you things that you can already get elsewhere for free?

Or, maybe it is the ultimate course that will make our online business soar high?

Having done hundreds of reviews on money-making opportunities has afforded me to see which programs are beneficial and at the same time be able to spot the red flags of a scammy business during my research.

Over the years, I only make recommendations on business that have actually brought me money because I don’t want to make you waste any more of your time from trying businesses that are not only unprofitable but may just bring you more headaches in the end.

In this review, we will figure out if The Income Formula will indeed help you grow your business. Otherwise, I have several recommendations, which I call better alternatives, for you to try. 

The Income Formula Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  The Income Formula

Product Type:  Training program

Founder:  Eric Hammer

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $8.95 One time fee + Different Upsells from $9.95 to $247


My Rating 20/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is The Income Formula About?

The Income Formula Review

The Income Formula is a training program that adopts a system called reverse launch jacking.

First and foremost, for the benefit of those who are not familiar with the term, what is launch jacking?

Launch jacking is an online marketing strategy where marketers make reviews about products that are yet to be launched. It’s all about hyping up a product so that when it comes out in the market, there are already a number of consumers that are anticipating and waiting to purchase them.

It is quite an effective strategy because you are creating a market where the competition is still few. It makes you rank high in searches because there are only a few people advertising about it.

The program that Eric Hammer created is called the reverse launch jacking and what he named The Income Formula.

He claims that this formula allowed a 45-year old former middle school teacher to bank in $498.65 in just 4 days.

Eric Hammer has worked in a marketing and advertising company called TS Marketing and Communication since December of 2014.

He became an affiliate marketer in 2018 and after a year, he came up with his very own program that according to him – the secret to a job-replacing income for non-gurus.

He further adds that this program will teach you a completely different method that will steer you away from picking up crumbs that the gurus left for you and every newbie to compete for.

What does The Income Formula Promise you?

The Income Formula's Promise

The Income Formula promises that it will change your game entirely and you no longer need to do the same things that other marketers do, making your strategy a cut above everyone else’s:

  • No massive and expensive product launches.
  • No offering thousands in prize money to attract affiliates.
  • No need for a massive list.
  • Get started building a buyer’s list without a massive launch.
  • Start to make real money from that list, even when you’re just getting started.
  • Find out and use a secret method to avoid competing with gurus.

Aside from the secret method, you will also be receiving these marketing bonuses….

  • Social Media Mastery (valued at $297)
  • How to Create Bonuses, Even if You’re A Know-Nothing Newbie (valued at $297)
  • Done For You Bonus Page (Valued at $497)
  • Video Creation Mastery (valued at $397)
  • Traffic Multiplier (valued at $297)
  • Lead Generation for Beginners (valued at $97)
  • How To Create Emails That Sell (valued at $197)

That is a total of $2,079 that you will get apparently for free when you sign up with the program.

The program offers a Done-For-You system: ready to use bonus pages and review videos. Using this program, you can already begin promoting products and earn an income in 15 minutes or less.

….And The truth: How Does The Income Formula work

The Income Formula works around the system that was developed by Eric and is called the reverse launch jacking method. This is basically how affiliate marketing is, packaged differently to make it sound new and exciting.

The program will give you ready to use and done for you video reviews about a certain product or service, mostly that of The Income Formula, then when someone signs up through your affiliate link, you get to earn commissions.

Technically, this method works and this is actually how everyone does affiliate marketing so I don’t see anything new on this method that Eric is referring to.

Only that, instead of joining the hype that new or about-to-be-launched products, you will focus on old and existing products that people tend to have forgotten about because they’re too busy looking out for new trends. Thus, increasing your competitive advantage on these products.

However, the training that The Income Formula offers doesn’t provide much value in terms of giving you the details on how you can really earn money.

It won’t show you the technicalities (such as lead generation, building a web traffic, etc…) of affiliate marketing, which is very crucial if you want to stay on top of your game.

Who does not want to go on shortcuts? I honestly want that too but if you are cutting some process out, make sure that you leave the important parts in and go to the route that will equip yourself with the most important details.


How much does it cost to Join The Income Formula?

The course is originally priced at $97, but it is being offered at a discounted price of only $8.95 and this is the only amount that you have to pay for apparently a lifetime of receiving a passive income should the formula work.

But in reality, aside from this amount that you may consider inexpensive, you also have one-time offer upsells that you will be made to believe that is necessary to eventually increase your daily earnings.

These upsells are as follows:

The Income Formula 10X Your Business Upgrade ($37)

In addition to the standard video reviews and bonuses that come with the original package, you will be able to get 10 more video reviews when you purchase this upsell.

My No Pitch Newsletter Upgrade ($9.95)

Get 30 page no pitch newsletter every month with the best tips and tricks you need to know in order to build a real business online.

Steal Eric’s Money Upgrade ($67)

Guaranteed approval to promote post launch and 100% commissions on all upsells sold.

The Income Formula 6 Figure Coaching ($247)

Get 4 no pitch webinar sessions followed by 3 months of direct access to Eric’s cellphone for consultation and coaching.

That is $360.95 in total upsells.

Can You Really Mak ye Money With The Income Formula? 

Can you really make money with The Income Formula?

You might find yourself quite disappointed after several days upon signing up with The Income Formula because I doubt that you will earn the promised $499 in 4 days.

So, my advice to you if you are employed, don’t quit your job just yet because The Income Formula will not be able to replace your salary in a matter of days, not even in the years to come.

If you are looking for a serious business, keep looking for the right opportunity. I have several choices lined up, which I will be happy to share with you on My Recommended Business Opportunity page. Feel free to browse and make your own research about any of them that you feel best suits you.

The bottomline is that using the DFY system that they designed, you may be able to earn a few dollars but not nearly the amount that they claim. Likewise, with the kind of training that they provide, I highly doubt that it will make you realize a sustainable income that you wish to achieve.

Who can benefit from The Income Formula?

Other than Eric and his team, I don’t see that this program will be beneficial for you.

Firstly, it gives you false promises of earning right away. Unless you get to sell this program and its upsells to several individuals in a matter of 4 days, I certainly can say that you will not earn that quickly.

Secondly, how do you expect to earn from a highly technical (but can easily be learned) marketing model if you have no idea about how it is done?

Disappointing facts about The Income Formula

#1. A lot of upsells

Most people would easily be attracted to the ~$9 investment, which is quite insignificant compared to earning almost $500 in just 4 days.

What you really don’t know is that this program is loaded with upsells that you will be made to think that you need when you are already signed in to the program.

#2. Vague “proven” method

The program speaks a lot of a certain “proven” method but you will never know what this proven method is all about even after you have signed up with the program.

The proven method will remain mythical. People tend to be drawn to the unknown. This is the trick that is being used here.

You always want to know what the proven method is so you will continue to be searching for it or in this case, buying upsells.

You really want to know the secret formula? It’s actually out there in the open. Remember the crumbs that The Income Formula keeps mentioning in their sales page? The crumbs that the gurus leave for newbies to fight against each other with? Those crumbs are also being used on you to follow. Crumbs that you will so interestingly follow but will not really lead you to the buffet table.

#3. Training program is not solid

As in the case of any Done For You systems, the training program is usually mediocre. You cannot really get any useful and helpful stuff from it.

In order to stay long and strong in any business, you need the ability to develop your skills and evolve as your business grows. Unfortunately, if you rely on DFY systems, you will lose the ability to develop and improve your skills. You will tend to depend too much on what the program feeds you, which may eventually do more harm than good for you and your business.

#4. Competition is tough for DFY systems

Chances are, all of you who will sign up in the program, plus other newbies will be competing at the same level, using the same strategies, you might find yourselves even using similar contents for certain products.

During my research, I noticed a few websites that possess similar contents about The Income Formula review. I have jumped from one website to another and I wasn’t really surprised to find out duplicate contents because this is how DFY systems usually are.

You will be provided with a ready-made layout that you just paste on your website so it’s already irrelevant whether you know the product that you promote or not because everything in your website has only been provided for you.

And, take note that readers will not buy into something with poor relevance so ultimately, these replicated DFY contents will not make you earn even a single cent.

In a nutshell, without knowing the foundations of affiliate marketing, you will not be able to elevate your business and make it different from the rest.

Things I like about The Income Formula

#1. Low frontline cost

If you are really curious to know about this opportunity and ready to lose some money, you don’t need to break a pig to actually try it. The cost to join is pretty affordable if you will not be sweet-talked into buying the upsells.

#2. Real owner

Eric is banking on his reputation and experience to sell this program.

Is The Income Formula a Scam?

The Income Formula may not be a scam but neither is a good opportunity.

What it really is, is another scheme that lures you into earning the quick way without going through the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Since it offers a done for you system, you are promised that all you need to do is buy into the program and earning will just come in quick.

A better understanding of how affiliate marketing works may just save you the time and headache. I do guarantee and swear by affiliate marketing. This is a proven and legit way to earn passive income.

I have been doing this for years now and I have seen how lucrative this business model is.

The key here is to know how to do it right!

Do yourself a favour by knowing how to do this business right. Invest on the right training that will make you earn the skills you need to acquire and learn the trade in order to run a long-term business.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

In order to build an online business, it is important that you know of the basics, the very foundation of your business.

While I have nothing against Done-For-You or Ready-To-Use businesses, I personally prefer knowing the ins and outs of a business that I am about to venture in – be it in a physical business or an online business.

There are a lot more things to know than just raking in an income.

In order for your business to prosper, you have to know how to run your business. You cannot always rely on a ready-made system to do everything for you because that is highly unsustainable.

What if the system became flawed? How are you going to fix it?

What if the support is no longer available? How are you going to tend to it yourself?

A much better training than The Income Formula

I always encourage my readers to get a good training program to keep them on track with their online business. It is better to have a guide that has been proven effective than shooting bullets everywhere.

But to find a good training program, you need to check if it can teach you the skills that you need in order to run your own business.

A good training program will not make you dependent on the system that they feed you to do.

It should educate you and not lead you to blindly follow a system that you may not understand yourself.

It should contain a cohesive training outline and syllabus that you shall apply in your business as you go along.

Take for example my #1 Recommended Training. The reason why I highly recommend this program is because it provided me all the necessities I needed in order to run my business effectively. It didn’t give me any ready-for-you, or “I will make your life easy” promises, instead, it showed me practical and useful guides to conduct my business properly and what to do in case I encounter mishaps.

If you want a business that is sustainable, equip yourself with the knowledge on how to personally run your business effectively.


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