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Table of Contents

There are a bunch of ways and thousands of products that help you to earn money online. Almost every day new and new opportunities arise.

What you do not know today, it may be a life-changing opportunity tomorrow.

In my Elite Blog Academy review, I’ll not just cover all the details of this course, but I’ll give you a full picture of blogging as a full-time business.

Here are your benefits if you read this article:

  • The hidden power of a blog: you’ll know why blogging is the best way to make a good living
  • How does blogging relate to any other online business
  • You’ll know what is Elite Blog Academy
  • I’ll show you what is inside
  • Is it for you or not?
  • What are the negative and positive sides of it?
  • Is it a scam or not?
  • Are there any alternatives? Yes, a much better

Elite Blog Academy review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Elite Blog Academy

Product Type:  Online blogging course

Founder:  Ruth Soukup

Best for:  Intermediate bloggers

Price:  $897 one time fee or 3 X $350


My Rating 70/100


As I said there are different ways to start an online business.

You can run an e-commerce site, membership site, different kind of affiliate businesses, Amazon FBA, you can be a product creator and sell your own courses etc…

Whatever you choose, there’s something essential in order to make money. Something that every marketer needs without exception.

Do you guess what it is?


Free or paid.

Without traffic, there isn’t business.

Do you know what is common in blogging and any other methods?

If you have a blog, you won’t be restricted to just one method.

A blog itself is not a business. It’s just a tool that helps you get tens of thousands of free visitors to your offers through quality content.

Each and every day…

The key is quality content.

There are a lot of bloggers out there, who do not earn a single dime with their blog. They don’t know how to make proper keyword research, how to write quality content that ranks on the first page of google etc…

The Elite Blog Academy is one of those courses that teach you a couple of things about how to build a perfect blog, however, there are also much more comprehensive and more valuable training at a lower price.

What is Elite Blog Academy?

Elit Blog Academy was launched by Ruth Soukup back in 2014. Since then it’s evolved and now it is at 3.0 version.

Actually, it is a modular training course which helps its students to make money through blogging by teaching how to build up their blog the right way.

Inside the training there is a couple of useful info, but nothing more that cannot be found for free on the internet.

The creator Ruth Soukup just picked and put up together all the essential information what is needed for bloggers to raise their knowledge to a higher level.

If I want to be honest, I wouldn’t say it is worth the price.

In my opinion, for such a high price there should be some more material and tools included in the training.

For example, Wealthy Affiliate gives much more training material and a bunch of tools at a cheaper price.

What is inside Elite Blog Academy?

Elite Blog Academy is similar to school education in a variety of ways.

For example, it opens the doors only once in a year just for 5 days. During this time it collects the students, and after the maximum number of applicants has been achieved, they close the application for the training.

The learning starts.


Let’s take a look at the member’s area:

The whole Elite Blog Academy consists of 4 big modules, that are grouped by topic. Within each module, there are specific units for the given subject.

Altogether 12 units exist in the training, what are the following:

Unit 1 – Start with awesome

In this unit the 3 secret steps are revealed, which are indispensable for every blog to be unique and marketable.

Unit 2 – Content is king

I think that nobody is new to the phrase:

Content is King

The quality content is what establishes a connection between you and the readers. In this lesson, it is explained how to write killer content that resonates with your readers.

Unit 3 – Presentation is everything

This unit teaches some basic things about how to create visually appealing content, shows the three main visual areas the every blog owner must focus on, and teaches some advanced Pinterest tactics to create an eye-catching Pin.

Unit 4 – Grow your platform

Ruth shares 8 methods that help to increase your website’s traffic, how to be an authority who people trust in, and some things about search engine optimization (SEO).

Unit 5 – Grow your list

E-mail marketing is one of the most profitable strategies.

If you have visitors, you have to build your list. In this unit, some methods are revealed on how to build a list, and how to monetize it.

My opinion is that if you want to achieve serious results with e-mail marketing, you’ll need much more knowledge in this field.

Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint is the perfect, and one of the most comprehensive course in this field.

Unit 6 – Rock your social media

Reveal some “secret” strategy that’ll help you to grow your blog traffic through social media platforms, and teach how to find out which platform is the most effective to reach your audience and moreover teach how to create a comprehensive marketing plan for Facebook and Pinterest.

Unit 7 – Show me the money

This lesson will help you to develop your own monetization strategy, and it’ll uncover the different ways of monetization.

Unit 8 – Create your product

This unit will teach you how to find out what products are selling in order to be able to create your own digital product.

Unit 9 – Master sales and marketing

If there are visitors to your site, the next task is to convert them into buyers. This lesson will give a couple of advice in this field.

Unit 10 – Work smarter, not harder

Three strategies are revealed what can help to work more efficiently, how to create an editorial calendar and a blogging plan.

Unit 11 – From blog to business

Some useful advice on how to look at your blog as your business.

Unit 12 – Lead your team

In every serious blogger’s life, the moment will come when they don’t want to work anymore, or don’t have enough time to write the content themselves.

They have to learn the best practices on how to outsource the work and manage the team effectively. This unit is about it.

Who can benefit from Elit Blog Academy?

In theory, EBA would be a right choice for all people in all levels, from beginners to advanced, who have or planning to start an online business because as I said earlier blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your offers.

Although, I don’t recommend it to beginners, because there isn’t any technical training on how to build up a website correctly, how to maintain it etc…

Later, if you want to build a list, you won’t know how to create a landing page, how to implement your subscription form on to the site, how to connect your e-mail marketing software to your form and how to segment your visitors in order to send them the appropriate message.

So I just recommend it to advanced marketers, who has an established and working business and want to grow it with the way of blogging.

For beginners, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, the platform where I began my journey, gave me premium tools for free like hosting, keyword research and taught me everything from the basics like website building to all of the advanced techniques what every marketer need to be successful.

Let’s see the pros and cons of Elit Blog Academy

The positive side of EBA

1. Trustworthy author

Ruth is a full-time blogger who achieved her success with her blog called LivingWellSpendingLess.com.

She doesn’t just teach but do it.

For me, it is always very important, that the person who teaches me something must be credible, and should be an example to follow in what she is doing.

2. Self-paced training

Since Elite Bog Academy is a self-paced training and easy to follow, you can learn on your own time schedule. The curriculum is not overwhelming at all, easily digestible.

3. Different kind of learning materials

I especially like that there is a different kind of learning materials so in this way the learning doesn’t become boring.

My opinion is that the more our sensory organs are involved in lear