3 Step Method Review
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Table of Contents

Hello there. Welcome to my 3 Step Method review.

There is an online opportunity that claims that it can make you earn $10,000 a month using an easy and simple 3 step method.

Who will not be excited about this?

If I will be given a profitable income without sweating on it, I’ll be all ears!

But, wait! I did learn and have mentioned numerous times before that there is no gain without pain. While earning the easy way is a very attractive means to do a business, it can send signals to my scam radar!

So, let’s see what you’ll know by the end of this review about the 3 Step Method:

What is the 3 Step Method About?

What does the 3 Step Method Promise you?

….And The truth: How Does 3 Step Method work

How much does it cost to Join 3 Step Method?

Can You Really Make Money With 3 Step Method?

Who can benefit from the 3 Step Method?

Disappointing facts about 3 Step Method

Things I like about 3 Step Method

Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

===>>> A Much Better Way To Make Real Money – I have been doing affiliate marketing for several years now and have made reviews for so many money making online opportunities during these years to know if an opportunity is a scam or not. Unfortunately, I have also been scammed during the days that I’ve been searching for the best opportunity, which now felt like a blessing in disguise as I now know how to spot a fake opportunity the moment I see one. At the end of this review, I will share with you some opportunities that I am connected with, hoping that you may find one that will also be beneficial to you. But first, let us find out if the 3 Step Method is worth your time to invest in.

3 Step Method Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  3 Step Method

Product Type:  Fake Affiliate Marketing Program

Founder:  Not known

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $37 One time fee + Different types of Upsells


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is the 3 Step Method About?

3 Step Method Main Site

3 Step Method offers an opportunity for you to earn money using 3 very simple and easy methods, thus the name.

Allegedly created by a team of entrepreneurs with a proven track record in online marketing, this method is being used by thousands of members worldwide and it creates an automatic online income stream for them.

This so-called “highly effective” 3 step system is created for people, even those who do not have past experience or special skills, to earn online.

This opportunity is being sold at ClickBank, which is a very reliable source of affiliate products and programs.

Unfortunately, there have been products that are being featured at ClickBank as of late that can be considered as scams, so it’s best to be very careful and critical when it comes to selecting products that you want to promote to protect your own credibility and business.

There is no mention in their website as to who owns or who created the 3 Step Method, which often triggers my suspicious side.

What does the 3 Step Method Promise you?


According to 3 Step Method’s website, you can say hello to your new online business with just 3 easy and simple steps.

The sales pitch goes like this:

  • Create an automatic income stream that can pay you every week
  • Experience is not required because all you need for this business is an internet connection.
  • Limited slots so it’s better not to delay!

The good thing I noticed on their landing page is that it is being offered regardless where you are in the world, however, they make it appear that the slots will always be limited no matter where you make your enrolment in.

Why create a global opportunity if the slots are limited in the first place?

It promises that its system will allow you to earn $10,000 every month, which is another cause of trigger to my scam alarm.

….And The truth: How Does 3 Step Method work

The 3 Step Method is a program that is being hosted on Clickbank.

ClickBank is known as a marketplace where you can find really good online and digital products. They also offer generous income on their affiliate programs.

However, like what I mentioned earlier, ClickBank can do better in filtering the programs that they host because some of them are starting to turn out as scams and fake programs.

3 Step Method claims that the system can be used by anyone. Their sales video tells you that you can earn thousands of dollars from the program and uses the scarcity method to make you feel that you are running out of time and have to decide ASAP or miss out on this “very lucrative” opportunity.

The method it talks about is affiliate marketing but what you should know is that although it is a very profitable business, it cannot be done in just 3 steps.

There are some technicalities that you need to learn about the program. I’m not saying that they are difficult, they’re totally easy to understand but they just cannot be done in just 3 steps!

Saying that would be utterly insulting for most affiliate marketers like myself who have spent a generous amount of time to learn about the program.

What 3 Step Method really is, is actually a lure to a get-rich-quick program that we all know cannot deliver what it promises.

What can be said about this program is that it is the creator’s way to build his email list. As you will notice in its website, every detail that you click on brings you to a page where you must enter your email address to continue getting the information that you want.

But, at the end of it all, you will end up still not getting what you really want to know. Nevertheless, the system has already caught your email address so be prepared to receive tons of spam mails (although they tell you that they won’t spam you), offering you different products and services that will again, lure you into different dubious opportunities.

How much does it cost to Join 3 Step Method?

Joining the program will cost you $37 but please take caution about upsells because once you enrol in the program, you will be bombarded with upsells and then they will sway you into believing that you actually need these additional products if you want a higher chance of earning.

Also, it guarantees you that it will not sell your information but wait for spam emails after you have provided your email.

Can You Really Make Money With 3 Step Method?

Can you really make money with 3 Step Method?

Doing affiliate marketing is absolutely an amazing way to do a business online. It is a proven and legitimate means that will create for yourself a passive income by earning commissions through products that you promote.

It’s a great source of passive income because once you have built a page to promote a certain product, all you have to do is send traffic to this page and you will have the chance to earn commissions when your promotional efforts convert into sales.

We have established that you can make money through affiliate marketing but I cannot say the same for the 3 Step Method program.

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business but to earn $2,000 on your first day, like what 3 Step method claims, is utterly unrealistic that even veteran affiliate marketers can attest is such an impossible feat.

Unless you already have a solid follower or a stream of web traffic that will visit your webpage on the very first day that you have published, it’s still unlikely to earn that much.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be so happy if you would profit this much on your first day but I’d rather approach it realistically and tell you for a fact that it is a tough thing to accomplish. But, like what I said, I’d be happy if anyone can prove me wrong.

The key to earning in affiliate marketing is to establish a steady follower and attract more traffic to your page and build your customers’ trust as you go along. Earning $2,000, or even $10,000 a day is very much achievable, but never on your first day is all I’m saying!

Who can benefit from the 3 Step Method?

In my opinion, I don’t see how this opportunity can help newbies in affiliate marketing to progress with their businesses.

One, there is no solid training or course pertaining to what affiliate marketing is really about.

They simply describe affiliate marketing as an opportunity where you can earn money by earning commissions but they did not go into details as to the “hows”.

While all the good stuff that 3 Step Method says about the business are true, it failed to show the technicalities of the business and all the things that you need to accomplish first before you become a successful affiliate marketer.

Second, selling or promoting the opportunity of the 3 Step Method alone will not make you a successful affiliate marketer even if you are able to earn a few hundreds from it because to be successful, you should also be bringing value to your readers, subscribers, and people who listen to what you endorse.

You just don’t sell them products because you will earn if they do, you also have to be responsible to make sure that your customers can really benefit from the products, services, and programs that you endorse.

And honestly, I don’t think that people will be happy if you sell them the opportunity of 3 Step method, especially if they find no value in it at all.

There are numerous programs that offer comprehensive courses about affiliate marketing where your subscribers can actually learn from. It is better to offer those kinds of programs instead.

Disappointing facts about 3 Step Method

#1. Creator is unknown

This is normally the case in fake programs or shady schemes. You will never know who the creators are because they simply do not want themselves associated with an online scam.

The fact that 3 Step Method is not so upfront about the background of the business should have your red flags waving at you.

If an opportunity is legit, its creator will valiantly be talking about it himself because he will treat the business he created as a trophy to showcase how great a businessman he is. He will never hide his identity if he honestly believes that the business will fly off.

In the case of the 3 Step Method, the owner obviously is hiding behind paid spokespersons, which brings you to my next disappointing item.

#2. Fake spokesperson and fake testimonials



How do you know if a person speaking on any video for a sales pitch or a testimonial is fake? Take a quick search of them on Fiverr, an online marketplace for people who are offering their services to conduct realistic and very compelling content for your videos.

They can be anyone who you want them to be in your videos. In fact, they can be the owner of a business you created and they can totally ace it.

#3. Scarcity technic

I’m not saying that every opportunity that does this technique is a scam but they mostly are. Although this is one acceptable and workable retail strategy to immediately zero out inventories, scammers find this as an opportunity to prevent their victims from thinking their decisions through and just act hastily for fear that they might just let a good opportunity pass by.

#4. Unrealistic claims

3 Step Method claims that it can make you earn $2,000 on your first day in the program is not only overhyped but unrealistic.

It’s the classic lure to make people think that they can easily earn money the moment they get into the program but we know that is never the case based on the hundreds of programs with similar hypes we have seen in the past.

Things I like about 3 Step Method

I’d probably give them score for the energy and enthusiasm to hype up the program, and that they are in the ClickBank marketplace so it gives their customers some sort of a money-back guarantee courtesy of ClickBank.

The good thing about ClickBank is that it offers a money-back guarantee on the products it offers. So, if the company fails to honor its guarantee, you can bring the matter up with ClickBank and it will help you with the issue.

Other than that, I can’t see anything that should make me like 3 Step Method based on the program that it offers.

Is 3 Step Method a Scam?

Based on what I have gathered, I tend to believe that it is a scam.


It doesn’t offer a strong and solid program.

What it gives you in exchange for your joining fee is just the basic information about affiliate marketing, which you can get for free with just a quick Google search.

It will not add value to an existing business because like what I said earlier, it doesn’t teach you anything you don’t know yet, especially if you already have an existing online business.

If you want to know more about how to recognize the different types of online scams and how to avoid them, be sure to check out this article!

A Much Better Way To Make Real Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a known and proven online business that can provide you with a very lucrative income but unlike what 3 Step Method is telling you, it cannot be done with just 3 simple steps.

The business requires some technicalities and involves a little complexity, but with the proper guidance, it is not impossible for someone who has an average knowledge on computers to do. The fact that you can browse the internet is a good enough requirement to do affiliate marketing, you just need to go into the details for you to conduct your business right.

A much better way to make money online

You can do a more intensive research or you can also seek out training programs, those kinds that will really give you value, that will help you increase your knowledge with the business. There are several credible programs out there like my #1 Recommended Training Program so that you can be taught of the dos and don’ts, what to watch out for and what to avoid in a proper affiliate program.

This business model is so rewarding that a lot of people are creating a program that aims to take advantage of unsuspecting and trusting people. Do not be a victim of these fake programs by educating yourself and being equipped with the proper knowledge and tools that a real affiliate program provides.

It is not bad to pay a hefty amount for a program as long as it can do good for you and your business so invest on quality training programs that will increase your knowledge about the business that you intend to do.

If you are really interested in doing affiliate marketing, there are better opportunities out there that you can check out, you can find some of them in my recommended business opportunities. I can vouch for these programs because aside from the fact that I have learned amazing things from them on how I can improve and strengthen my affiliate marketing business, I can also earn from promoting their program, which you can also do..

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