Is UpCrowdMe a scam?
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Hello and welcome to my UpCrowdMe review.

People nowadays are probably spending more time looking at their mobile phones or tablets than doing any other activities.

Most of the time, you’ll catch them checking out and updating their social media. That’s why social media can be deemed as one of the most powerful tools in advertising.

If you want to be easily noticed in this age and time, make yourself visible on any social media platform.

In this review, we will see how we can earn using the power of social media through an opportunity called UpCrowdMe.

Is it a good opportunity? Will it help you monetize the time that you are spending on social media?

By the end of this review you’ll know everything such as:

  • What is UpCrowdMe About?
  • What does UpCrowdMe Promise you?
  • ….And The truth: How Does UpCrowdMe work
  • How much does it cost to Join UpCrowdMe?
  • Can You Really Make Money With UpCrowdMe?
  • Who can benefit from UpCrowdMe?
  • Disappointing facts about UpCrowdMe
  • Things I like about UpCrowdMe
  • Is UpCrowdMe a Scam?
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UpCrowdMe Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  UpCrowdMe

Product Type:  Affiliate program

Founder:  Tim Bentley

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $10 Monthly + Various upsells 


My Rating 20/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is UpCrowdMe About?

UpCrowdMe review

UpCrowdMe, now known as UCM Social, used to be a crowdfunding website that is focused on cash gifting and donation but it underwent a re-launch due to legal issues that may surround the business as cash gifting is something that is already frowned upon these days.

Now, it came up with a seemingly solid service to offer, which is social media branding and management. It claims that through its program, it can make your FB profile earn a $103 per day income.

According to its creator, Tim Bentley, the changes were done to give its members a more lucrative opportunity to earn through residual income. Well, that and probably because cash gifting is no longer a profitable source of income for him.

UCM also strongly promotes its affiliate program where you can earn by promoting the services and the business that UpCrowdMe offers.

What does UpCrowdMe Promise you?

UCM claims that they have discovered the common problems that most online businesses face that lead people fail to make money online, and they are:

  • Lack of time, which creates inconsistency. Being consistently visible is vital especially when dealing with businesses that involve social media.
  • Complicated system. An online business can sometimes seem to be too technical because it involves a lot of online jargon. For newbies, this can be quite taxing.
  • False promises, because most often than not, things that you expect online do not materialize and when that happens, the business will be affected, people lose trust and interest.
  • Knowledge. According to UCM, you will need to spend at least $25,000 to educate yourself and gain the knowledge you need in order to build a business and make yourself successful online.
  • Lack of duplication.

UCM said that their Social Traffic Systems provides that solution that will solve these problems.

  1. Becoming a brand
    UCM will create a recognizable brand for you that people will easily understand.
  2. Have your own branded website
    UCM said that 97% of their 15,000 members direct their traffic to the UpCrowdMe landing page and it didn’t work well because social media, such as FB will not allow you to promote your links on their platform after a while. UCM promises that you will not have this kind of issue because with UCM, you will have your own website.
  3. Social media promotion
    You need to have a big footprint on various social media platforms that will represent your brand with consistency. Your consistent posting on these social media will greatly drive traffic to your landing page and it will eventually turn into sales and long term online success.

….And The truth: How Does UpCrowdMe work?

UpCrowdMe offers branding and social media management services with an affiliate program opportunity.

1. Free Facebook Training

Register and create an account with UCM and you can receive training videos for free.

You can sign up anytime for free on UCM’s Facebook account and if you will be interested in joining their affiliate program, you can do so by paying a monthly membership fee of $10.

This will enable you to participate in the affiliate program and earn residual income from your referrals. For every $10 that your referral pays, you get $5 as residual income.

If you want to increase your earning opportunities, together with your affiliate membership of $10 a month, you can also avail of and promote UCM upsells.

Aside from the upsells, you can also choose to totally rely on UCM to manage your social media paying them with monthly recurring fees

2. Logo

UCM will create a custom-made and unique logo for your personal brand.

Cost: $20 + affiliate monthly membership fee

Commission: $5

3. Branded Website

A completely done for you website where you can promote your products and contents. You are allowed to create up until 4 opportunities on this website. This already includes a free lifetime hosting.

Cost: $100 + $100 one-time processing fee + affiliate monthly membership fee

Commission: $5

4. Social Media

This contains 3 options depending on the number and types of social media where you want to promote your products in.

A) 2 Socials.

This includes a personal branded Facebook business page with your profile and a Twitter account. You will be getting DFY templates and themes. All you need to do is add details on your almost done website.

If time is a problem to you, you can have pay for the option to have your social media managed and UCM will create 30 posts per month and 1 video per week, each on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Cost: $200 + $100 one-time processing fee + $100 affiliate monthly membership fee
  • Commission: $30

B) 4 Socials

Aside from the Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will also get a Done-For-You Instagram and Linked-In profiles and pages.

  • Cost: $500 + $160 one-time processing fee + $150 affiliate monthly membership fee
  • Commission: $60

C) 6 Socials

Together with the 4 aforementioned social media, this option includes Pinterest account and Youtube channel. Youtube is known to be the most powerful media to generate web traffic.

  • Cost: $1,000 + $200 one-time processing fee + $200 affiliate monthly membership fee
  • Commission: $75

All of your social media accounts will have a “Learn More” button that will direct your readers and subscribers to your own branded website.

Here is a detailed video about how UpCrowdMe works:

How much does it cost to Join UpCrowdMe?

Signing up for UpCrowdMe is actually free but to be able to join in its affiliate program, you need to pay a monthly membership fee of $10.

However, aside from this monthly membership fee, you will also be offered with various upsells that, according to UCM, will help drive your online business to success because these upsells will optimize your social media to provide you with more traffic.

The upsells will also increase your chances of earning because each upsell corresponds to an increase in your commissions.

Can You Really Make Money With UpCrowdMe?

Can you really make money with UpCrowdMe?

Through its affiliate program, you can earn 50% residual income for every affiliate who will sign up using your affiliate link. That is $5 for you and it will keep coming every month as long as the members you sign in continue to pay their monthly membership fees.

UCM adopts the 2-pass system on its compensation plan. This is a method where you will receive commissions from every member you sign up except the 1st and 3rd members because they will be passed up to your sponsor.

You will also be entitled to increased commissions if you avail any of the upsells, so instead of earning just $5, you will get the following:

  • $30 on 2 Socials
  • $60 on 4 Socials
  • $75 on 6 Socials

However, if you want to earn these commissions, you also need to avail of UCM’s social media management affiliate program, meaning, you have to pay more than just $10 every month and this may go up from only $10 monthly fees to $200 monthly fees plus a one-time fee of $1,200.

Who can benefit from UpCrowdMe?

At a glance, UpCrowdMe looks like a good business opportunity especially if you are handling several online businesses. It may actually save you the time because somebody else will take care of handling your social media business pages for you.

However, if you are someone who wants to gain control over your businesses and would like to maintain a hands-on approach, this business is definitely not for you.

Disappointing facts about UpCrowdMe

#1. Expensive

People may find that the affiliate monthly membership fee may be inexpensive because at $10 membership fee, all you need to do is to convince 2 people to sign up with the program and your own membership fee will already be paid out.

But with all the hidden costs and upsells, you will find that you need to shell out more than a thousand dollars in order to reach a “maximized” earning potential.

#2. Pay to Play

The more you pay, the more you will earn. This is how the business of UpCrowdMe goes because if you want a bigger residual income, you also have to pay for additional services.

#3. Strongly promotes recruitment

Although the services that UpCrowdMe offers look very promising in terms of driving traffic to your website, its program seems so focused on recruitment rather on how you can sell the products.

Its sales video dives directly into the affiliate program and the commissions that you will earn on every product that you can sell rather than tackling intensively the benefits of the program when it comes to growing the business.

#4. Loses personal touch

Since someone else is managing your social media account, you are likely to lose any personal connection with your readers and subscribers. You may also have no control over the contents that will be posted on your social media accounts.

#5. No guarantee to earn

I certainly agree that traffic is one of the most important factors of a successful online business but paying a hefty amount for someone to manage your social media, which should be something very personal, still doesn’t give you the guarantee that your business will be successful.

#6. Security issues

Then there is also the issue of security because like what I’ve said, social media are expected to be personal. Therefore, it contains some of your personal information and having someone else get access to this information may just be unacceptable for me.

Things I like about UpCrowdMe

Earning opportunity aside, the services it offers may actually help especially in terms of consistent visibility on social media. It offers an opportunity to maintain activity on all your social media accounts.

If handled well and if priced reasonably, this may just be a good service that most online businesses can benefit from.

But currently, based on its ads and the pricing, I will not dare recommend it especially to those who are just starting up their online business as it requires a pretty big investment to begin with.

Unless you’re already earning from your online business and you just need help to maintain it, there is no way you can sustain its cost if you are only starting up.

Is UpCrowdMe a Scam?

Compared to how UpCrowdMe used to conduct its business before the re-launch, the way it is now may not be considered a scam because it has an actual service that may be beneficial if done right.

However, due to the expensive start-up and monthly fees, I don’t think that it is a business that I can recommend because you may just end up losing money.

If you want to know everything about online scams to be able to avoid them, be sure to read my article, called The Ultimate Guide To Online Scams.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

One thing I can agree with UpCrowdMe is that web traffic is an important factor in the success of an online business and social media are indeed the best platform to get those much needed traffic from, considering the number of people that use them.

However, the cost that UpCrowdMe has for those services may not be practical for someone who is just starting out in the business.

If you need to know more about how to build an online business, you have to know all the relevant factors that make up an online business and what better way to gain that knowledge is by finding yourself a reliable training program that will not just provide you the necessary fundamentals but is also flexible to give you the potential to earn.

When I was starting out my online business some years back, I was set on creating my own business and learning it on my own but this only made me vulnerable to scams and mistakes.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When I came across this wonderful training program, I was also sceptical because of the many scams that have been luring around the internet but I knew that I needed proper guidance if I want my business to succeed.

Doing this amazing business opportunity and joining this amazing training program have enabled me to learn the basics of online marketing. It showed me how I should build my business from scratch, what I need to look out to, what I should avoid doing, and how I should conduct my business so I can lead it to success.

My business didn’t grow instantly but I was able to run it effectively and it is now sustainable giving me a steady flow of passive income.

If you know how I did it, check out My #1 Recommended Training Program.

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