The Rich Life Letter Review
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Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to my The Rich Life Letter review.

Not all business opportunities can make you earn right away because they may not be a platform that actually generates an income like product retail or investment opportunities.

Some of them may just be paving the way for you so that you can create your own business like training courses, personal coaching, or start-up services.

Some may only give you enrichment like self-help books or business guides in the case of entrepreneurial magazines.

Let us see where the Rich Life Letter belongs? What kind of opportunity can it give you? Or is it really worth-it in terms of your time?

In this review, we will find out everything about what The Rich Life Letter can offer you by going through the following points:

  • What is The Rich Life Letter About?
  • What does The Rich Life Letter Promise you?
  • ….And The truth: How Does The Rich Life Letter work
  • How much does it cost to Join The Rich Life Letter?
  • Can You Really Make Money With The Rich Life Letter?
  • Who can benefit from The Rich Life Letter?
  • Disappointing facts about The Rich Life Letter
  • Things I like about The Rich Life Letter
  • Is The Rich Life Letter a Scam?
  • ===>>> A Much Better Way To Make Money – sometimes you can be at a loss when faced with multiple business opportunities especially when all of them seem good and you can’t pick one that is better than the other, or one that perfectly fits you right. After this review, I will share with you what I call a better way to make money because it’s an opportunity that allowed me to have a thriving online business.

The Rich Life Letter Review- Quick Summary

Product Name:  The Rich Life Letter

Product Type:  Investment newsletter

Founder:  Agora Financial & Nilus Mattive

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $89 Annual fee


My Rating 15/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is The Rich Life Letter About?

Is The Rich Life Letter A Scam?

The Rich Life Letter is a newsletter that similarly to Money Map Press or Lifetime Income Report provides you with recommendations about stock investments and other financial opportunities. 

It guides you where to put your investments in.

What interests me the most is its claim that the newsletter contains lucrative and sound investment advice that are usually kept from the public and that only a few knows about. Thus, it’s like giving you a map to some hidden treasure.

The Rich Life Letter is published by Agora Financial, and created and edited by Nilus Mattive.

The publisher, Agora Financial, is a publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland, that is responsible for print and email publications containing financial and business guides, recommendation, commentary, and market forecasts.

Aside from their newsletters, they also publish books, and organize conferences on subjects about business.

Agora Financial is also well-known for its ability to overhype its products.

The editor, Nilus Mattive, is a widely-recognized expert on income investments and retirement strategies.

He began his career by publishing original research in a regular investment column. After that, he worked for a private equity business and was editor of investment newsletters. He authored The Standard and Poor’s Guide for the New Investor, which was well-acclaimed and was even translated in Chinese.

He built his own multi-million firm that produces and publishes independent research. His research and analysis appeared in different business media platforms.

He retired at an early age of 39 to enjoy a quiet life with his family only to come back to the financial world in 2017, which according to Agora is due to the urging of his followers, and became the director and editor of The Rich Life Letter.

Going back to The Rich Life Letter, every issue of this newsletter contains Nilus’s favourite new income stream recommendation, strategies for a wiser investment, ways to cut fees, taxes, and other wealth leeches, and others.

What does The Rich Life Letter Promise you?

According to Agora Financial, The Rich Life Letter’s mission is to supply you with ideas to generate thousands of dollars per month to give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

It is kind of bold for a newsletter to claim such, unless what it claims about knowing some secret and hidden ways to generate money, is actually true!

In reality, the hidden treasures, so they say, are stock opportunities that have a big potential to significantly increase its prices, thus, making you a wealthy investor.

Similarly, the newsletter tells you that the government is launching a new social security program, also called the Trump’s Retirement Program, and that over 600 people have already received Trump checks that ranges between $597 and $6,189 and that this may just be the “greatest retirement program in history”.

I highly doubt if there is some truth to this claim because the government will never keep this kind of thing secret if it will benefit the public. It’s either they have this program or they don’t.

It is also said that Nilus has helped a lot of people to make their millions in the past within his career in business and investment.

….And The truth: How Does The Rich Life Letter work

Subscribing to The Rich Life Letter will give you 1-year subscription to The Rich Life Letter. This is 12-month worth of newsletter, which will be sent to you once a month. This newsletter contains Nilus’s recommendations and advice that are helpful for daily investors.

Together with the newsletter, you will also receive bonus reports that may (or may not) help you earn money through your investments.

Getting Rich Off Wall Street’s Pre-IPO Market

A report that gives you access to the leading deals on Wall Street by taking advantage of a loophole but you don’t have to worry because The Rich Life Letter guarantees that the manner they are doing this is totally legitimate.

Pre-IPO markets are actually the kind of investment that The Rich Life Letter is focusing on. Nilus apparently has eyes on what businesses will fly and this is what he shares with you through the newsletter.

Trump’s New Social Security

A report focusing on how the Trump administration created a New Social Security program that allows you to claim the so-called Trump Checks. This opportunity requires you to make hasty decisions though because the opportunity is supposed to be limited and due to that time scarcity, it makes me think that it is kind of shady, too.

Baby Boomer’s 12% Bank Account

A report that shows how you can make a 12% interest through bank accounts.

Wall Street’s Instant Cash Machine

A bonus report that shows how you can increase your income by hundreds more every month.

What the real agenda behind these very convincing reports is to convince you to become an investor to what they claim to be a hidden treasure.

The “hidden treasures” that The Rich Life Letter advertises are simply businesses that are starting up with hopes that they make it good in the market.

The Rich Life Letter is tapping into the potential of Initial Public Offering, which is very lucrative if these companies hit it big in the market but the risk is even greater because there is also no guarantee for a win.

How much does it cost to Join The Rich Life Letter?

The annual subscription to this newsletter is $89, which is now being offered at a promo price of $49. There is no timeline as to when the promo price will last.

But, that’s not all the money that you need in order to earn from the opportunities that it presents. The investment money is still apart of course from the cost of subscription should you follow any of the stock investments that Nilus recommends.

Therefore, there is no limit to how much investment you can put into this opportunity.

Can You Really Make Money With The Rich Life Letter?

Subscribing to The Rich Life Letter will not actually make you earn any money because it does not have any affiliate programs where you can earn an income right away or as soon as you have referred someone to subscribe in the newsletter.

What it provides is just a newsletter with facts about what is happening in the stock market and recommendations about some hot picks but usually, most of what it gives you are information about start-up investments, which if you don’t have any clue may just be like diving in shallow waters. It is very risky because the stock market for a fact is unpredictable.

The reality in the stock market is that you can win some and also lose some. If you’re lucky enough and possess that knowledge in predicting stock behaviour based on market trends, you can probably make money using the advice that you may get from the newsletter.

However, if you will just blindly follow any information that you are given in the newsletter, there will also be a possibility that you may lose some money especially due to the volatility of the market.

Nevertheless, The Real Life Letter will tell you that you don’t have to concern yourself with investment money because they will show you another way where you can get money through social security, which seems to be unreal.

Who can benefit from The Rich Life Letter?

If you are into the stock market, Nilus’s analysis and recommendations may give you fresh eyes concerning your investment. This is because if you have been doing stock market, you would already know of the basic things to watch out for and your knowledge will allow you to make informed personal choices.

Who the newsletter is NOT for, are newbie investors, especially those who are only considering going into the stock market because of what The Rich Life Letter promises.

Simply put, the newsletter is absolutely not for everyone.

Disappointing facts about The Rich Life Letter

#1. Earning is not guaranteed

Stock market is a very classic type of an investment opportunity but it is also unstable. The advice that Nilus will give you are just recommendations that may or may not turn out profitable that’s why there is also no guarantee of success.

#2. New social security program

Don’t you think that this will be a public knowledge if it were true that the government can offer a more lucrative program to the country’s retiring populace?

#3. Trump checks are only an illusion

Trump's checks are just an ilusion

Just because it is named Trump Check doesn’t mean that it is true.

Naming it that way is only an attempt to make it sound real but the truth is, like the hidden treasure, it does not exist.

What The Rich Life Letter shows you on their ads is only an illustration of what the check would look like. It cannot be real because again and I cannot emphasize this much – it is non-existent.

And, if ever it does, I don’t think that the government will name it “Trump Checks”.

#4. False testimonials

Whenever I want to try a new product, I will certainly look at the customers’ feedback and testimonials first before I go and purchase that product.

However, even customer feedback can now be tainted with paid people who make testimonials for you for a fee.

This is exactly the kind of testimonials that you will find on The Rich Life Letter so don’t be surprised to see the people in different testimonial videos across the internet because that is what they do for a living.

Rich Life Letter uses fake testimonials

Another fake testimonial used by the Rich Life letter

#5. Confusing opportunity

When I first read about The Rich Life Letter, I was confused and asked what really is it pitching about? Is it the stock market opportunity, a secret hidden treasure, a lucrative retirement opportunity that we don’t know about? What is really the case?

As I read through, I began connecting everything – the secret hidden treasure is the stock market opportunity where you don’t have to worry about your investment because you can take advantage of a still confidential retirement program that you can join in, and the money you get from it can be used to invest on these stock market opportunities that The Rich Life Letter has to offer you.

Sounds good but since you are not retiring yet, go ahead and use your money because whatever the outcome of your investment is, you will be compensated with a big fat retirement check should you join the new program now… you can also find a big pot of gold at the end of a rainbow … myths!

The opportunity that The Rich Life Letter offers makes me think of some of the schemes I have reviewed in the past wherein they really don’t care about what investment is good for you as long as you put your money into their own program. Just saying.

Things I like about The Rich Life Letter

Credible editor

When it comes to investment opportunities, Nilus Mattive has earned an authority to talk about business and investment. He has a credible and proven experience.

Is The Rich Life Letter a Scam?

The Rich Life Letter contains helpful and informative contents that some people may benefit from so it is not a scam.

But, it is not also an exceptional newsletter that will make you become instantly rich on stock investment. This opportunity would likely need for you to invest a significant amount to realize a profit.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

Subscribing to newsletters or business magazines can actually do you a good thing especially when it comes to keeping yourself updated with the industry trends but at the end of the day, it may just be all it is.

It does not really give you a solid foundation about how to conduct your business. Compared to intensive training, newsletters may only be supplemental to what you already know about running a business.

Therefore, if you are about to start your online business, what you really need is the knowledge of how to lay the groundwork. There are different online training sessions that you can go to in order to have a better grasp on how an online business should be conducted. You can also check My #1 Recommended Training Program, if you need an honest and proven program that will help you build your business from scratch.

This training program has provided me with coherent and cohesive courses on how I should do my business properly.

If you are keen on stock investment, it’s actually a good opportunity as well and something that I am willing to do as a side hustle. But, if you really want a sustainable business, you may also try to put your eggs on different opportunity baskets. I have some amazingly good opportunity suggestions, which you can find in My #1 Recommended Business Opportunity.

One of the opportunities that you can look into is affiliate marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing for years now and compared to any investment, it really provides a profitable income with very minimal, to no cost at all.

You can pick among these opportunities what you think best fits you, or you can also try everything at the same time.

The possibilities to earn are endless. It is just a matter of finding the right one for you.

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