The Oxford Income Letter Review
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Hello and welcome to my review on The Oxford Income Letter.

Most people, as early as in their 30’s are already saving up for their retirement to assure themselves a life of security and luxury for when they retire.

We all want to enjoy life after working so hard during our prime years, and we need to ensure that we will be financially capable when that time comes.

But, how do we do that?

Investment is a good opportunity and this is what The Oxford Income Letter claims to help you with.

In this review, I will help you gather more information about this opportunity that is said to give you a special kind of cash-generating past-time where you can rake in a 4-digit or more pay-out each week.

However,  while investing your money with stock market is indeed a proven source of financial wealth, it may also bring you too much strain because stock trade is a volatile business opportunity.

I have nothing against it, and will even encourage you to join if it really interests you and you have the willingness to take it by heart. But while you’re learning the trade, you may also find another, much better opportunity that you can put your interest in. Let me also show you my way.

The Oxford Income Letter Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  The Oxford Income Letter

Product Type:  Investment Newsletter

Founder: Marc Lichtenfeld

Price:  From $49 to $249 per year


My Rating 25/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is The Oxford Income Letter About?

What is The Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter is an investment newsletter similarly to Real Wealth Strategist and Lifetime Income Report that is delivered straight into your email inbox at the beginning of every month.

It contains income-producing strategies that will help you where to put your investments. It also provides you real time financial breaking news so that you will be guided on how to better handle your investments.

Although it may benefit people on any demographics, it seems that it appeals more to those who are looking after their retirement funds as it promises on giving you “The Perfect Retirement Business”.

The Publisher – The Oxford Club

A financial publisher that promises to help its members create and a rich life and maintain their financial success by affording them various opportunities to build their capital and protect these investments as well.

The Oxford Club is a network of knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs that aims to help their fellow members grow their wealth.

The Editor – Marc Lichtenfeld

Marc Lichtenfeld is a former Wall Street analyst and business journalist. He had made appearances on several TV and radio shows that feature business and investment news, such as CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Radio.

He has extensive experience as a financial analyst, trader, and a fund manager. With this background, he has been invited to speak at different investment conferences in the world. That proved his expertise in the matter.

He authored a few books such as You Don’t Have To Drive An Uber In Retirement, and the bestselling book Get Rich with Dividends.

What does The Oxford Income Letter Promise you?

The sales letter itself is loaded with quite a lot of promises. Let us take a closer look at some of them:

The bold claims of Oxford Income Letter

The bold claims of Oxford Income Letter

The bold claims of Oxford Income Letter


“A special kind of cash-generating “past-time” where regular folks – including you – can rake in $1,038 or more each week… and easily clear $54,000 per year…”

“A financial security blanket for folks worried about the economy.”

“These cash payments can be helpful in supplementing your income in retirement.”

“A huge driver of future returns.”

“You can start collecting a lifelong stream of these weekly payouts less than 30 days from today.”

“Every week, ordinary folks are getting the chance to collect extra $450, $825, $1,123 paychecks.”

“It’s almost like you’ll be making double time at your current job… or if you’re retired, it’s like receiving a second… even bigger… Social Security or pension check.”

“you can receive anywhere from four to six extra payouts per month, every month, all year long… with total payouts adding up to $58,000 per year or more.”

“If you’re looking to make a significant amount of extra money while doing hardly a lick of work, this is the ideal solution for you.”

Such bold promises that will make you start wondering if this is a real thing. We will find out as we go along this review.

Subscription to the Oxford Income Letter allows you to receive the following:

The Oxford Income Letter – a monthly issue that features companies that are most likely to give you the highest return in stock dividends.

The Oxford Income Weekly – brings regular updates on the opportunities that they have featured on the previous months, and their open positions.

Oxford income Blasts – sends you new investment opportunities that need your immediate action if you want to consider them.

Aside from these regular inclusions, you may also receive special reports on new investment opportunities. They may vary depending on what is available during the time of subscription.

  • Start Collecting Weekly Payouts with the Retirement Cash Calendar
  • How To Claim An Extra $130,000 In Social Security
  • How To Achieve A Seven-Figure Retirement Account, Even If You think It’s Too Late

….And The truth: How Does The Oxford Income Letter work

You will not actually earn from subscribing to The Oxford Income Letter alone. What it will provide you every month are insights on what and which companies’ stocks best to put your investments in – mostly companies that have a good dividend program.

Marc is basing his monthly picks on the 12-11-10 system: 12% average annual returns and 11% yield on 10 years of investing. This system was the basis of Marc’s bestseller book, Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns.

How does this system work?

According to Marc’s book, there are factors that you must consider in a company for the system to work, these are:

  • An annual stock appreciation of around 7%.
  • Uptrend on sales and cash flow.
  • 10% growth on dividends.
  • Yield of 4%.
  • Company must have a policy on dividends.

Every month, Marc and his team look at various investment opportunities and pick those that they will find more profitable based on the indicators mentioned above.

Some say that Marc is focusing on the Free Cash Flow trends of a company to ensure that this company will pay its stockholders dividends.

Free Cash Flow is the cash generated by the company after accounting for cash outflows. This cash can be used by the company for expansion, paying off debts, or dividends.

These dividends are from where Marc aims to derive your income.

Furthermore, it is said that Marc will find you an opportunity that yields to 12% ROI, instead of the expected return of only 3%. That’s such a big leap in terms of improved returns.

How much does it cost to Join The Oxford Income Letter?

Subscription to The Oxford Income Letter will cost you any of the following, depending on your preferred subscription:

Premium subscription: $79

Comes with digital and print subscription, Bonus reports, and a hardcover copy of Get Rich With Dividends

This option is what they are really pushing for you to subscribe with because it will include a copy of Marc’s bestselling book. And, it claims to give you the best savings because according to them, this package is originally priced at $249.

Standard subscription: $129

Comes with digital and print subscription, and 3 bonus reports.

Basic subscription: $49

Comes with digital subscription only, and 3 bonus reports.

The subscription also comes with a Money-back Guarantee, where you can ask for a refund after 90 days if you don’t find the product good for you.

The Oxford Income Letter's money back guarantee

Can You Really Make Money With The Oxford Income Letter?

Can you really make money with the Oxford Income Letter?

Marc uses financial indicators to assess the earning capability of the opportunities when he picks certain company stocks that he suggests for you to invest in. Therefore, you can probably make money if you follow his tips.

But, like any investors, you must also do your own homework. It is better to know what you’re getting into, especially when it concerns your hard-earned money.

Who can benefit from The Oxford Income Letter?

The Oxford Income Letter lengthily mentions about retirement income because seeing how you will earn from may just be in time for your retirement age.

Why and how?

The newsletter is giving you sound advice on how to earn dividends on stock market. However, dividends are unlikely to be profitable unless you reinvest them to increase your holdings but it will take a long time before you can realize a substantial amount.

Therefore, investing a practical amount on stocks may be beneficial to you if you plan to use it for your retirement age. Just make sure that you monitor your stocks once in a while because with the volatility of the stock market, you might find your stocks losing rather than earning, thus affecting your dividend earnings.

The newsletter also holds sound advice in terms of financial investment which may be beneficial to investors and traders alike.

This will also appeal to aspiring investors who wants to try their hands with stock market. The Oxford Income Letter would probably provide them a sound advice on where to put their money that will give them a low risk, long term investment.

Disappointing facts about The Oxford Income Letter

#1. Low returns

Stock market offers lower return rates. On average, it can only go up to 10%. If you put a minimum investment of $1,000, you can only earn $100 in a year. So, if you want a higher return, you need to invest a significant amount as well.

#2. Long-term Investment

In order to achieve that 5-digit return with your $1,000 minimum investment, you need to keep your investment for a very long period of time. The only way you can speed this up is if you’d put in more investment.

#3. No guarantees

The investment is still based on the stock market, which is a volatile investment platform. It will never be a source of fast and easy money because that’s not how the stock market works.

Marc may offer a good financial advice, but he is not a fortune teller. He cannot foresee, thus guarantee which investment is likely to earn or collapse and in stock market, there are possibilities that a high earning stock today, may just sink the next day.

#4. Overhyped sales pitch

I get that the newsletter holds so many useful information regarding investment on dividend stocks, but the hype seemed too much, especially on Marc’s sales video. The income shown on its sales page also shows blown up figures, which may be possible only if you invest a similarly huge amount.

They should put these unrealistic claims in moderation because however good the product is, it’s starting to sound a bit scammy because of this fast money stunt.

#5. Does not honor money-back guarantee

There are several complaints on BBB about The Oxford Club’s failure to honor its money-back guarantee.

Things I like about The Oxford Income Letter

#1. Experienced author/editor

Marc Lichtenfeld has a solid background when it comes to business and finance. He has established a reputation in the industry and has the experience to know what he is talking about.

#2. Provides sound advice

The newsletter may actually contain good advice. It’s a good reading material for new investors who needs to know where to begin and what are the initial steps they should take.

Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam?

I cannot regard The Oxford Income Letter as a scam, simply because what it provides are reliable suggestions as a result of careful analysis based on solid financial indicators.

We cannot also discount the fact that the creator himself has a strong foundation in the business and finance arena. The expertise on the subject matter is there.

However, what I noticed and not really a fan of, is its overhyped idea of getting money fast because we all know that it is never the case where stock market is concerned. Well, unless you have a pretty huge amount of money to burn.

Plus the fact that investing on trade, no matter how good the indicators are, doesn’t always guarantee a positive return.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

If you are gunning for a long term source of income, investing with stock market may just be very well for you.

Like how The Oxford Income Letter puts it, these opportunities are good for your retirement plans.

However, if you are just thinking of an opportunity that will bring you money in the here and now, I don’t believe that the stock market is good for you, yet.

In order to get high returns on stock market through dividends, you need to have a significant amount of investment to put into it. This is fine as long as you have the ability to put away a huge chunk of money to invest in stocks.

Bear in mind that in order to earn a profitable income on stocks, you must also invest a big amount of money in it.

Now, if you don’t have enough money that you can afford to sleep on stock market awaiting for it to reach a considerable profit, there are other opportunities that you can still look into that if done right, you would not be interested in doing stock market anymore. Or, probably, you can have extra funds that stashing them away to stock market for an even more passive income will no longer be a concern for you.

The opportunity that I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. This is an opportunity that allowed me to earn a stable income without having to put in a huge amount for investment. Unlike stock trading, your income will not be dependent on the money that you invest in the business.

Affiliate marketing, when done the right way, also yields to a sustainable income.

When I say “done the right way”, I mean to say that some may not agree to affiliate marketing as a profitable business because it took them a while to earn a significant amount of money.

I used to struggle with online marketing, but when I came across this wonderful training program, I realized that there is a proven way on how to conduct affiliate marketing.

Using my #1 Recommended Training Program, I was able to improve my income until I started realizing my financial goals. If you also want to try this program and know more about it, I’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

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