Technology Profits Confidential Review
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Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to my Technology Profits Confidential review.

If there is an opportunity to earn money standing in front of us, we should never miss the chance of knowing what it is all about because you may never know if this might just be the opportunity that we are always searching for.

However, it doesn’t mean that we would just jump into the wagon without actually knowing where it is heading, right?

In this review, we will know if Technology Profits Confidential is capable of giving you a profitable opportunity.

What is it about? What does it offer?

Those questions will be answered as we go along the following sections:

  • What is Technology Profits Confidential About?
  • What does Technology Profits Confidential Promise you?
  • ….And The truth: How Does Technology Profits Confidential work
  • How much does it cost to Join Technology Profits Confidential?
  • Can You Really Make Money With Technology Profits Confidential?
  • Who can benefit from Technology Profits Confidential?
  • Disappointing facts about Technology Profits Confidential
  • Things I like about Technology Profits Confidential
  • Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?
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Technology Profits Confidental Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: Technology Profits Confidental

Product Type:  Financial Newsletter

Founder:  Ray Blanco

Best For: Those who are interested in penny stock trading

Price:  $199 Annually


My Rating 20/100

Not Recommended

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What is Technology Profits Confidential About?

Technology Profits Confidental review

Technology Profits Confidential similarly to Fast Fortune Club, The Oxford Income Letter, The Real Wealth Strategist or Money Map Press is a newsletter that gives insight on the best investment deals in the field of biotechnology. It also promises to alert you regarding the proper timing to get into it. 

I have made similar reviews in the past about this kind of investment newsletter but it involved other industries.

So, before you begin to get interested in what Technology Profits Confidential is getting you to invest in, let us first know its field of expertise – what is biotech?

Biotechnology or biotech is a technology that uses living organisms. This technology is primarily used in agriculture, food science, and medicine. Living organisms are used in making chemical and products to carry out a task which is industrial in nature.

There you go. Now that you know where you are supposed to invest your money in, let’s continue on taking in what this newsletter is about and what it can do for you.

Technology Profits Confidential, or TPC as how we will refer to it throughout this review, is published by Agora Financial and 7 Figure Publishing, and edited by Ray Blanco.

The Publishers

Agora Financial is a publishing company based in Maryland. It is responsible in producing print and email publications, books, and organizing conferences related to providing financial advice and marketing forecasts.

7 Figure Publishing is an independent division of Agora Financial.

The Editor

Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco uses his passion for technological advancement and breakthrough with financial and stock market investment to gain expertise in spotting companies that apparently “hold tomorrow’s technology” and what will be profitable in the market.

Like other editors working with Agora Financial, Rey is said to have a hands-on approach in dealing with investment leads by personally interviewing company insiders, visiting their laboratories, and attending relevant conferences.

What does Technology Profits Confidential Promise you?

Technology Profits Confidental promise

TPC promises that through your subscription to the monthly newsletter, you will be able to “witness the accelerating revolution in technology and science that will profoundly change the world”.

And by being privy to this vital information, you will be able to get the chance to profit from it significantly and know when it is the right time to invest.

Subscription to TPC brings you the following:

Monthly Technology Profits Confidential Issues

your monthly issues will be emailed to you every first week of the month while the physical copy will be mailed on the third week.

Each issue contains a tech and biotech analysis and recommendations on specific investments and stories that will help you expand your knowledge about this industry.

Weekly Portfolio Updates

An email alert that you will receive every Friday.

This gives you an update about the latest status of their recommended investments to allow you to plan your next move.

First Read Access to All Special Reports

This allows you an access to their full reports library that can provide you with a comprehensive analysis on the best biotech companies to guide you in your investment decisions.

You will also be entitled to receive the most up-to-date and exclusive information before anyone does.

Updated Portfolio View of Recommended Open and Closed Positions

All the information related to their investment picks will be accessible to you.

A free daily subscription to other Agora Financial publications such as: 5 Minute Forecast, America Uncensored, The Rundown, and Technology Profits Daily.

According to TPC, there is an investment cycle in the technology industry. It you get in too early, you lose money. If you get in too late, the money has been made. But when you get in just in time or what TPC presented as the “hype cycle” and also unload when the timing is right, you are guaranteed to earn multiples of your original investment.

Looks like a sound advice.

….And The truth: How Does Technology Profits Confidential Work

It seems that Ray is selling you the idea to invest on penny stocks.

The misconception about penny stocks is that they are of lesser risk since you can invest in small amounts of money but the truth is that they tend to be more volatile than regular high-quality stocks.

Ray mentioned that timing is the key to becoming profitable in the biotech investment, so is on penny stocks.

The key here is not to keep them too long in the hopes of getting 1000% returns. The probability is unlikely, if this happens, you are indeed very lucky. These are stocks that you should sell quickly. That means you have to always be on your toes if you decide to follow TPC’s recommendation and invest on their picks.

Penny stocks have lower trading volumes that make them difficult to sell when you want to. Therefore, you might find yourself stuck with penny stocks that cannot be used for trading on large stock markets.

Although penny stocks are mostly the go-to investment of those who cannot afford to buy shares of big technology companies, they are also highly vulnerable to manipulation and scams.

So, I’d say proceed with caution.

How much does it cost to Join Technology Profits Confidential?

Subscribing to TPC will cost you $199 for a year. At this price, you will receive 12-months’ worth of newsletters and other biotech investment portfolio, reports, and other support that you need in order to help you with your investment.

They offer a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days of your subscription. If you are happy with the products you receive within the 3 months and did not request for a refund during that time, your subscription is considered good and valid for a year and refunds will no longer be entertained. So, you have to decide before your 3rd month of subscription if TPC is beneficial to you. Otherwise, you will be filling up your magazine racks and inbox with biotech investment newsletters.

Can You Really Make Money With Technology Profits Confidential?

Can you really make money with Technology Profits Confidental?

First of all, you cannot earn money by simply subscribing to Technology Profits Confidential. There is no opportunity to earn such as in the case of an affiliate program or referral schemes.

All that TPC has to offer are recommendations and guides to help you where and when to put your investments in.

Second, in order to make money, you have to invest more money on stocks that TPC recommends you. This is how you make money in connection to your subscription with TPC.

However, TPC cannot guarantee that you will earn through the recommendations they make. They are merely giving you guide based on their perception with the market trade and how well the companies are performing.

The reality is that there is no sure thing about stock market investment. If you put money in it, it should be something that you can risk losing because as rewarding as it sounds in terms of returns, the risk of losing your money is just as high.

Therefore, nobody can really say whether you will make money with your investments.

If you’re willing to take a gamble, then better prepare to lose some money as well.

Who can benefit from Technology Profits Confidential?

If you are one that gets pumped up with the excitement of penny stock trading, then subscribing to TPC may probably help you but you have to do your own digging as well.

There is no better way than knowing and seeing in your own way how things are going in the companies you wish to invest in. Do a lot of research about the investments that TPC suggests.

If you are new in stock trading and want to pursue further, then this newsletter may also be for you.

But you need to be ready to lose some in order to win some. Stock trading is a volatile opportunity. Penny stocks are proven to be even more riskier.

Disappointing facts about Technology Profits Confidential

#1. Earning is not guaranteed

Subscribing alone on TPC will definitely not make you earn anything because it doesn’t offer any affiliate programs.

You need to invest on stock market and participate on trades before you can actually earn which will cost you more money in the form of investments.

However, stock trading still isn’t a guarantee that you will earn because there is always a 50% chance of losing in this kind of trade. So if you expect that you will gain from their stock recommendations, you might be disappointed.

The newsletter is there only to give you insights about the stocks that you might want to consider investing in. It does not guarantee that these stocks will always be profitable so you may want to lower your expectations a bit.

#2. Overhyped publicity

The publisher, Agora Financial has a reputation in overhyping its products.

On their videos, they seemed to be urging you into investing, ergo subscribing to TPC, immediately because they tell you that the timing is just perfect and that you will be able to get 1000% returns. The truth is they always use this same pitch in almost all of their product videos.

#3. Not transparent about the risks in penny stock investment

TPC is marketing penny stock investment as if it is a safe and reliable type of investment. While most stock market reviews tell you what to watch out for or the red flags about certain stocks, TPC seems to be pushy to the point of being relentless in convincing you to invest immediately without being forthcoming about the risks involved.

#4. Scarcity tactic

This is a common trick in the marketing books to create demand. They will lead you into believing that you must decide right away or you will lose the chance.

This kind of tactic is used so that you will not have the time to think it over and just totally throw all your caution to the wind.

Things I like about Technology Profits Confidential

One of the things that TPC can actually do for you, if you are not into stock market yet, is opening windows of opportunity for you to invest in penny stocks.

If you have been considering stock market for a while and just don’t know how to move forward with it, or do not have enough resources to go for it, then you might actually get a feel through penny stock investment since it doesn’t require a big investment to begin with. You may take into consideration the stock recommendations given by TPC.

Just keep in mind not to bet all of your life’s savings into it because no matter how good these investments appear to be, the chances are still 50-50.

Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

TPC may prove to contain useful information if you want to know more about the businesses of biotech companies and how they work.

In exchange with the subscription fees, you will get valid products and services. I am not saying that they will effectively work for you, but there may be bits and pieces that you can pick up from the publications and analyses that they will provide you with.

So no, Technology Profits Confidential is not a scam.

===>>> If you don’t want to walk into the straps of scammers, then be sure to read my Ultimate Guide To Online Scams, where I show you the most common types of scams and how to avoid them.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

Investing in stocks may be one of the long-standing ways to make money but we all know why it’s a business that is not intended for everybody.

Don’t put all your money into it just because you are given a seemingly sensible stock investment advice. No one can ever predict how these stocks will perform in the market. Everything is always based on speculations and especially with penny stocks, the odds are always not in your favour, as they say.

If you do not have what it takes to venture into stock trading, try to look for an opportunity that is safer and has lesser risks, an opportunity that will not make you lose sleep because you are always on the lookout about what your stocks positions are every minute of the day, try my #1 Recommended Opportunity.

You don’t need such a huge investment and play with the big guns to begin a business of your own. With affiliate marketing, you can do it one step at a time, gradually increasing your pace as well as your income over time.

All you need to begin with is to create your own website and you can already work your way up. It also helps if you have some professional guidance on how to do affiliate marketing effectively. Don’t fret because I know a training program that can give you exactly what you will need in order to build an effective and profitable business online.

I can personally vouch for these programs as I have been doing them, living them, and earning from them. And in over 2 years now, I have been enjoying a very gainful and sustainable business of my own.

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