Real Profits Online Review
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Hello there. Welcome to my Real Profits Online review.

So, you are faced with this dilemma of determining whether an online earning opportunity called Real Profits Online can really give you the potential to earn money or if it’s just another scam.

It is good to always be excited about new opportunities that come our way, especially if they are going to really bring us money.

If Real Profits Online is the real thing, we would not want to lose any chance of being a part of it, right?

But, if it’s not, then we will find out on this review.

In our hopes to finding a legit opportunity online, we frequently stumble upon one fraudulent website after another, and it just keeps getting worse because the internet is being swarmed by people who only think of ways to get something from other people instead of doing something that would be beneficial to everyone.

Sometimes, you just want to give up on finding the real deal because you’re too fed up.

But what if it’s already here? 

What if you are about to get your hands on an amazing opportunity that will make your dreams of having a sustainable online business come true?

What if my #1 Recommended Business Opportunity is the one you are searching for all this time? Will you pass on that chance? I certainly did not and it turned out to be the best decision I ever did.

Real Profits Online Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Real Profits Online

Product Type:  Fake Affiliate Marketing Platform

Founder:  Mark – Not real

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $47 One time fee + different upsell up to $700


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is Real Profits Online About?

Real Profits Online is a fake program

Real Profits Online is faeke online business opportunity such as Home Income System, Ecom Cash Code, Home Profit System or Amazon Cash Websites that claims to make you earn millions by taking advantage of a platform that will make a few clicks of the mouse turn into an undetermined amount of money going into your bank account.

Geez, how nice it is to wish that life would really work that way.

On its sales video, you will see the logo of Amazon boldly emblazoned across the screen, tricking your mind that it is somewhat connected to the world’s largest online retailer. Don’t let it fool you. Even Amazon will not spare a moment to look into this because it knows for a fact that it’s all BS.

You can also see in the video its creator, Mark, giving a spiel on what Real Profits Online can give you. According to him, this opportunity came to him with the help of his friend Tim holding a bottle of beer with one hand and clicking a mouse on the other, allegedly earning while making himself comfortable.

Then Mark realized that just like Tim, he can bring to everyone the opportunity of having a ready-made website that can earn by itself $500 or more every day just by a few clicks of the mouse.

I don’t mean to be sceptical about his spiel but who will not be?

First of all, who is Mark?

Other than the name, he didn’t give any information about himself to validate his pitch. I mean, anyone can just make a video of himself and talk you into buying stuff that you may actually believe you need. This is called a good salesmanship. And if I can say anything about Mark, he is a good salesman if anyone will actually buy this crap he’s selling.

Second, this is not the first time this video surfaced on the internet. It has been going on for a while under a different website called Amazon Cash Websites.

And lastly, for now, what it describes to you is an existing platform that does not really work the way that he wants you to believe.

What does Real Profits Online Promise you?

According to its homepage, it says that it’s a newly released work from home program with Amazon and that it will allow people to earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

There are actually legitimate opportunities that allow you to do exactly as how this site describes it but can Real Profits Online give you the right way to do them?

Mark said that they have available websites that are already made for you and ready to rake in money in the form of affiliate commissions from Amazon.

He promises that this website will continuously bring you money even when you sleep. Now, that rang a bell for me because I admit, I use this line on my business because my business really does make me money even when I’m asleep!

The only difference is that I put hard work on my website. I don’t just do a few clicks and expect to see money flowing in just like that.

Hmmm, Real Profits Online is making me question my life choices.

Moving on, let’s see if this opportunity would really make my already profitable business look like a joke with how they do their business.

Mark adds that all you need to do is to join the program and one of these websites will be yours. There is no need to do anything but wait for the money to come in.

They will even show you people who are giving testimonies for benefitting from this program.

And these done and working websites are only limited for 250 people only.

….And The truth: How Does Real Profits Online work

Real Profits Online is very determined to sell this program by aggressively marketing it through emails, and even phone calls.

If you weren’t convinced by the emails they spam you with, phone calls will probably do. That’s why you should not be surprised if you receive automated phone calls and text messages that are offering this scheme and making you believe that you are among the lucky ones chosen to be a recipient of this very limited “plug-and-play” opportunity to earn online.

Upon signing up, you will need to provide your name and email, then you will be directed to another video that tells you that you can make at least $500 a day by having a “free” Real Profits Online website that is ready to earn a few minutes after it has been set up for you.

If you decide to give it a try, then you will be asked to pay $47 for the registration fee. Time to say goodbye to that “free” stuff they promised you earlier.

The way I see it is that what they are selling you is a program that works like an affiliate marketing program: putting up websites with Amazon links, earning money when people click on the link. These are affiliate marketing fundamentals. Only, the way they describe it is totally inaccurate and is being hyped like it can magically bring you money without lifting a finger.


This is one of those rip-offs that makes affiliate marketing looks bad.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than 2 years and I sure know that none of the things Real Profits Online says even comes near to the truth.

The fact is that you can actually make good money with affiliate marketing. It’s just not how Mark, or whoever he really is, is trying to sell it to you.

If you want to know how to do affiliate marketing the proper way, check out my #1 Recommended Training Program and you will know that there is more to it that just waiting for the apple to just fall from the tree.

How much does it cost to Join Real Profits Online?

Buying this program will cost you $47 but the only thing you know about what you’re paying for is that it will give you the “opportunity” to earn a lot of money.

And that’s not everything that you need to take out from your pocket in order to increase your opportunity to earn more.

You will be presented with an upsell of $197 that will allow you to earn 20x more than the basic package because you will be getting 20 websites instead of 1.

There are 2 more upsells for you to take. Although these upsells are optional, they are doing a great length of goading you into believing that life will be better if you buy all of these worthless upgrades.

In total, there are $700 upsells that promise to give you the best and well-optimized earning opportunity.


Can You Really Make Money With Real Profits Online?

Can you really make money with Real Profits Online?

No. The way Real Profits Online describes how you will earn money from their program is totally full of crap that if you listen to, you will definitely not earn a single cent.

They only want to sell you the program and that is the reason for all the hype.

However, Amazon has an affiliate program where you can really earn money. If only Real Profits Online has a genuine program that will show and teach you how to tap into these affiliate program links and use it the right way, things would have been different. You might actually earn from this opportunity.

Fortunately, there is another training program that definitely knows how to teach you these real methods and they do deliver the best results, too. I can attest to that because I got everything I needed to learn from them, and I am earning good money from the training they provided me and countless other affiliate marketers out there.

Who can benefit from Real Profits Online?

This is one of those schemes where it promises you the moon and the stars in the form of huge, fat amount of money, but all you really get in the end are just promises.

The only ones I know who can benefit from this are the people behind it because they get to run away with your payments.

I am very sure that after you have signed up and paid their fees, you will never get $500 in a day, not even a cent.

Disappointing facts about Real Profits Online

#1. Recycled scheme

Real Profits Online shows videos and content that are also being used by other websites, all selling the same opportunity.

#2. Fake testimonials from fake people

If the people on the video may seem familiar to you, it’s because they probably have been on other videos you have seen promoting different kinds of products or making testimonials for other services not because they have tried the products or services but because they are paid actors hired from

Most of these people have profiles on a job seeking site called Fiverr, where they advertise that they can make realistic testimonials for your products for a reasonable fee.

Real Profits Online uses actors to create fake testimonials

#3. Questionable owner

Mark is probably a fictitious character. He can be just another actor reading another script for you. They all make it sound believable but the truth is, it’s just another plot to scam you.

Most credible businesses have owners and creators who didn’t have qualms of tying up their real identities on something that they have created and proud of.

With most scams, the first thing you will notice is that the owners’ identities are never disclosed. If ever they mention a name, it is usually vague and you will never find a background for that name unless you are willing to go through a hundred or thousand similar names on the internet.

#4. Questionable opportunity

Real Profits Online has no solid program structure on its spiels. Mark just keeps babbling on about how much you will earn and how easy you can get money from this opportunity. But there was never a mention of how you can actually earn and what exactly the opportunity is.

Things I like about Real Profits Online

Absolutely nothing!

I would have mentioned the owner’s creativity for coming up with a ruse like this but I really can’t tell anymore who to give that credit to because no one can say where this ploy originated from since it’s already being used by a number of websites.

Is Real Profits Online a Scam?

Real Profits Online promises you an extremely outrageous amount of income without breaking a sweat.

You will allegedly begin earning minutes after you pay the fees, and avail of the upsells.

It doesn’t actually tell you how and where your supposed income will come from and expects you to just believe that money will come pouring on you.

The program is not even a real program but an idea that does not have a concrete outline.

The program, the creator, the testimonials – everything about this opportunity is screaming fake!

So yes, without a doubt, Real Profits Online is a scam.

===>>> If you don’t want to walk into the straps of scammers, then be sure to read my Ultimate Guide To Online Scams, where I show you the most common types of scams and how to avoid them.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

It is sad that scams like this give a bad light to a really good opportunity like affiliate marketing.

If you would give time to learn how beneficial affiliate marketing can be to you, you will know how to appreciate this wonderful opportunity as soon as you start earning from it.

Yes, you can actually rake in money with affiliate marketing but it is not true that it will just happen in a blink of an eye or a few clicks of the mouse, just like what Real Profits Online wants you to perceive it to be.

It is a solid business plan, with a firm and proven structure that you need to follow in order to make your website work for you. You need to create content. You need to have relevance. You need to do research to become an effective affiliate marketer.

If you want to know how I started my own business and how I started to earn from building my website, I have laid them out everything here.

There are so many sites that pretend to teach you how to do affiliate marketing the right way but none of them really gave me the insights until I came across my #1 Recommended Training Program. They were able to explain how I can optimize my blog and showed me the most effective ways to earn money online.

I agree that you can learn all about these stuff from research but I’m thankful that I came across them the moment I did because they have saved me a lot of time from making mistakes other bloggers have committed in the past. 

They helped speed things up for me. Instead of slowly learning my way, they have given me generous tips to start earning the quickest and most effective way possible.

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