MyBitcointube review
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Table of Contents

Hi there. Welcome to my MyBitcoinTube review.

I am here again to look into another online earning opportunity called MyBitcoinTube, which promises to pay you $21 for watching videos.

Before you get excited, let us give it a thorough scrutiny. It cannot be just that easy, don’t you think?

Let us see if this is really a legitimate opportunity. After all, we do not want to be involved in something that we might find unscrupulous later on.

It sometimes pays to take a step back and simmer a little and not just jump into a seemingly interesting earning potential until we have learned everything there is to know about it.

This review aims to collate for you the details about this business and help you decide whether it is a good fit for you or if the manner in which it conducts its business is acceptable with you.

So, by the end of this post you’ll now everything such as:

  • What is MyBitcoinTube?
  • What Does MyBitcoinTube promise?
  • How Does MyBitcoinTube really work?
  • Getting Started with MyBitcoinTube – What are the costs?
  • Can You Really Make Money With MyBitcoinTube?
  • Red Flags Show why you better avoid MyBitcoinTube
  • Who can benefit from MyBitcoinTube?
  • Things I like about MyBitcoinTube
  • Is MyBitcoinTube a Scam?
  • ===>>> A Much Better Way To Make Money – if you decide that MyBitcoinTube is not a right fit for you, I can recommend several earning opportunities, including one that I am gainfully doing now. It’s an opportunity that is proven to create a stream of passive income. I have been doing this business for a couple of years now so I believe I have a good enough experience about it to warrant a recommendation. All about this towards the end of this review!

MyBitcointube Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  MyBitcointube

Product Type:  Advertising platform

Founder:  Not disclosed

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  Free to join


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What Is MyBitcoinTube?

MyBitcointube review

According to its website, “MyBitcoinTube is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers”.

It’s pretty much similar to YouTube with differences on how users are able to earn money from it. In YouTube, you earn by making videos, and increasing your followers and people who watch your videos. While in MyBitcoinTube, you are on the other end. You earn by watching videos from advertisers.

MyBitcoinTube claims to help advertisers to stop wasting money on junk traffic and instead target individuals who are proven capable of affording what these advertisers have to offer.

I don’t clearly understand how they are going to do this and how this program is helping the advertisers at all. If I am going to be paid for watching a video, heck, I wouldn’t mind if you ask me to watch tons of advertisements, but it doesn’t mean I’m buying.

Moving on. There is no indication as to where this business is headquartered or who are the people behind it.

What Does MyBitcoinTube promise?

What does MyBitcointube promise

MyBitcoinTube promises that you will earn through watching advertisement videos and share revenues up to 135%.


MBT has 3 programs where you can potentially earn.

Earners Program

This is where you can advertise and make money at the same time. This includes the opportunity to:

  • Earn up to $210 per video watched for 60 seconds;
  • Get an ROI on adpacks of 120% for standard members and 135% for premium members;
  • Receive lottery tickets for each video that you and your referral watch.

Advertisers Program

Here you can get a solution for your video and banner advertising.

  • Adpacks price starts at $5.
  • Receive 500 views on your YouTube videos.
  • Receive 100 clicks on your banner ad.
  • Receive 1000 clicks on your link for the $10 Login adpack.
  • 60 seconds length of YouTube video, and 125×125 or 468x60px banners.

Premium or high quality ad services cost starts at $50.

Referral Program

You will be entitled to unlimited bonuses from the people who you invited to join.

  • You get 10% commissions when your referral purchases MBT adpacks.
  • You get 20% commissions when your referral upgrades their package.
  • Lottery tickets for every video your referral watches.

How Does MyBitcoinTube really work?

In order to get videos to watch, you need to have enough BVP or Bonus Video Points credits.

In order to get these BVPs, you need to watch bonus videos first.

You do not earn from these bonus videos, you just get credits so that you can be qualified to watch the paid videos.

Each bonus ad viewed makes your account active for the next 7 days, and add 10 BVP to your account

When you accumulate 2000 BVP, a $1 in BTC worth of video ads will be credited to your account. But even if you have 2000 BVP, and the available videos circulating is worth $2 and above, you cannot receive any videos to watch because those videos need 4000 BVP and more.

The key here is to accumulate a higher BPV, so you can get a chance to receive high valued videos.

MyBitcoinTube seems to be a platform where you can earn money just by watching video advertisements. And, as always the case is, the real deal with this business is all about investing and recruiting people to do the same.

Yes, you may earn by watching videos but the earnings will come slow. Simply watching videos will take you a lot of time before you can accumulate the $5 payout.

How to speed things up? MBT will encourage you to refer someone to purchase an adpack. Smooth!

Getting Started with MyBitcoinTube – What are the costs?

Creating an account is free.

However, this can only bring you to the freebie area where you can watch bonus videos that will not make you earn Bitcoins, instead, you will get BVP credits to be able to qualify to receive paid videos.

Apparently, BVPs are points that MyBitcoinTube uses to measure if you are worthy to receive and view a video from advertisers. The more credits you have, the higher the value of the Paid Videos you get. It’s like being in the priority lane.

You can accumulate 100 BVP every day by watching bonus videos.

If you want to see how it goes, you can try this program for free. But be prepared to lose some of your precious time. You just might need patience to do this because contrary to what MBT is claiming on their website, you will be earning pennies for a long time before you can get that $1 Bitcoin.

If you want a faster way to earn and receive BVPs instantly, you can invest on their Advertising Packs. Standard packs costs a minimum of $5, while premium packs starts at $50. It can go higher depending on your capability and willingness to spend and how much you intend to earn.

Can You Really Make Money With MyBitcoinTube?

Can you really make money with MyBitcointube?

MyBitcoinTube offers several ways to earn money: Referrals, watching videos, and entering its weekly lottery.

When you watch bonus videos, you get to earn credits or BVP. Every 2000 BVP allows you to watch a paid video and earn $1 in Bitcoin. Minimum payout is at $5 in Bitcoins.

MyBitcoinTube is an interesting program until you learn everything about it.

First, contrary to what they are making you believe, it’s not that easy to earn money from this site. You have to invest your time into watching several videos before you can actually earn not even the promised amount, but a dollar in bitcoin for every video. And that even requires you to earn credits first.

Second, it encourages you to promote its business so that you can be assured that there will be a steady stream of videos to watch to the point of investing your own money with a promised return.

What will make you believe in this ROI they are promising if they have already failed to deliver on their promise that you will earn $21 for every video watched?

Unfortunately, you are more likely to lose a significant amount of your time and even money than you are to make money in MBT.

Regarding the lottery, there is no mention about what is at stake, just “big prizes”.

Red Flags that show why you better avoid MyBitcoinTube

Owners are unknown

One way to tell if a business is legitimate and viable is by knowing the people behind the business. This is usually a strong indication of what the business is built on.

In the case of MyBitcoinTube, the lack of information regarding its background hints of unreliability and should create reservations.

A classic pyramid scheme

Without a useful and beneficial product, this business is a perfect candidate to be a pyramiding scheme. People are enticed to join primarily because of the opportunity it offers. The products become a pretense to make it look like there is a legitimate product or service that was purchased.

Piles of customer complaints

The internet is flooded with complaints against MyBitcoinTube pertaining to non-payment such as these:


Who can benefit from MyBitcoinTube?

MyBitcoinTube claims to be helping advertisers to target specific viewers. In a nutshell, this may be true. But the truest claim here is that the only people benefiting from this scheme is only the people behind MyBitcoinTube.

If you will look closely, MBT is a pay-per-click scheme.

What you don’t realize is that the videos you watch are stuffed with advertisements that you need to click. MBT already earns from every ad you click inside the video that you are supposed to watch while you earn nothing.

If you rely on the bonus videos to earn BVP and let’s say, you do it every day, it will take you 20 days to earn the minimum 2000 BVP to be able to receive one $1 video.

So, what will you do if you want to speed things up?

Buy advertisement packs! If you are an individual without any business to promote, it’s really more of investing into it because you wouldn’t use the ads anyways. So, it’s another win for MBT!

And there’s more!

You’d probably get sick of watching videos all day, assuming there is an influx of videos, so they will offer you more ways of earning by bringing someone in on the business.

Refer someone to purchase an adpack, and you will earn commissions instantly! Or so they promise because the truth is that it will be very beneficial to them if you can bring as many people to buy, or invest on MBT because it will mean more money for them.

Things I like about MyBitcoinTube

There is really nothing much to like about this program.

Is MyBitcoinTube a Scam?

In the beginning, MyBitcoinTube looks more like just a scheme.

But as I learn more about its program and how it works, I can now say that MBT is indeed a scam.

It lures you into a very promising and attractive earning opportunity, only for you to realize that it is not as easy as they want you to believe.

This whole video-watching thing is actually a sham to lead you into the bigger scam.

The earning part greatly comes from the commissions you will earn for every referral you make.

To earn 10% to 20% commissions, you need to recruit people to purchase an adpack. For those who do not have a business to promote, the proper term may be to invest in the program by buying adpacks that are essentially of no use of them.

The only thing that will convince them to participate in this program is the opportunity to earn more money and increase their investment.

Sadly, this kind of investment is not sustainable because if you closely look at it, the business does not have an actual source of income other than the money coming from the sales of the adpacks, which is largely being offered to the members. There is actually no retail activity happening outside of MBT.

When people stop joining or buying these adpacks, there will be no other source of funds to pay the members when these adpacks expire.

MBT only relies on new affiliates who buy their adpacks to reward those that have joined earlier in the business.

So, how is it not a scam?

===>>> If you don’t want to walk into the straps of scammers, then be sure to read my Ultimate Guide To Online Scams, where I show you the most common types of scams and how to avoid them.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

Finding the right earning opportunity online is tricky at times. You have to go through certain misses before you can hit the right one.

The opportunity that MyBitcoinTube presents is surely misleading in a lot of ways. Sure you can earn $21 by watching videos but that’s not all you have to do. They fail to tell you that you have to invest so much time in order to qualify and earn that amount.

Then they offer you other ways, and this time, you need to make an investment. And of course that’s not the end of it, you will have to refer or recruit new affiliates.

If you are someone who prefers doing things by yourself that you literally stay away from going out of your way to convince people to join your business, you will instantly get enticed with the “watch a video and earn” scheme of MyBitcoinTube.

Then the big disappointment comes because you will find out that this is just another one of those programs that require you to sell and recruit.

So, enough of the disappointments and let’s look for another way to make money without the hassles that MyBitcoinTube is asking you to do.

If you don’t want to deal with product-pushing, hard-selling, and convincing people to sign up on your business, you can try this business opportunity that I have already been doing for the past couple of years. It’s called affiliate marketing.

This is an evergreen business model that will reward you with how well you have put your system in place using your very own efforts and with the help of this wonderful training program.

This opportunity is a proven effective way to earn as it has enabled me to generate a stable passive income since I started doing it more than 2 years ago.

If you really want to know how I was able to break free from a 9-5 day job, check out my #1 Recommended Business and I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding online money-making opportunities.

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