My Traffic Business System Review
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Table of Contents

Hello there. Join me as I look deeper into this online opportunity called My Traffic Business System.

Do you know why most people love watching movies?

Because there will always be a point in every movie wherein you can relate to a certain situation or a certain character. Then, because we can relate to these things, we make it personal. We associate ourselves into that scene and with the character.

Then, you will ask me, what on earth do movies have to do with My Traffic Business System?!

Oh, there is a connection and you will know it as I go along with my review.

So, welcome to my review on My Traffic Business System.

Here are the details you’ll know by the end of this review:

  • What is My Traffic Business System About?
  • What does My Traffic Business System Promise you?
  • ….And The truth: How Does My Traffic Business System work
  • How much does it cost to Join My Traffic Business System?
  • Can You Really Make Money With My Traffic Business System?
  • Who can benefit from My Traffic Business System?
  • Disappointing facts about My Traffic Business System
  • Things I like about My Traffic Business System
  • Is My Traffic Business System a Scam?
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My Traffic Business System Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  My Traffic Business System

Product Type:  Turnkey money making system

Founder:  James Wendell

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $47 One time fee + Different Upsells


My Rating 1/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What is My Traffic Business System About?

My Traffic Business System Review

My Traffic Business System is apparently an opportunity that has a turnkey money making system. It’s some sort of a ready-made system like Home Profit System and all you have to do is follow simple steps to get your business rolling and get the money to come in.

It was created by James Wendell.

If you’re waiting for more information about the guy, it’s just that his name is James Wendell. There is absolutely nothing you can find online that explains where he came from or what had he been doing to claim reliability to this business that he so-called discovered, aside from that story that he wanted us to hear and empathize with.

Have you heard about his story?

For the benefit of those who haven’t yet – James said that he used to be so penniless when he lost his warehouse job. He almost lost his house and many other things until he discovered a way to make money and became a millionaire.

Remember that story about movie plots and characters that I told you earlier? How they make it relatable so you can associate yourself in a certain situation and role? Then, they’ll show you a rainbow or a light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing towards the end of the story, a happy ending? That’s usually how movies get people to watch them.

Do you see the connection now?

James would have made a good movie plot out of his story!

The guy is also nice enough to share with people how he turned his rags to riches but this offer is only good for 100 “lucky” people so if you’ve been sold with his story but are not quick enough to key in your credit card account info, then you might just lose this opportunity of a lifetime.

What does My Traffic Business System Promise you?

Since the “system” has already been “made for you”, apparently all you need to do is follow “simple” steps that will be discussed in detail during the “training” and you’ll be able to earn $397 daily.

I have never used so many quotation marks in a sentence before, I just imagined myself doing so many air quotes on that line above.

James said that you only need to work for 30 minutes every day and you will be guaranteed to make thousands of dollars.

Then he will further add that he will only accept 100 people in his program.

….And The truth: How Does My Traffic Business System work

Aside from the promise of making you earn money by following the system that James discovered and made him a millionaire, there is really no description of how you are going to earn from this business.

Looking at its website alone, you can’t really figure out the service that they offer. Are they a training program, a lead generation business, or anything else? It’s quite confusing how they are packaging their business.

Prodding further, it seems that My Traffic Business System makes you believe that it will teach you how to drive traffic to your site. For those who are not so newbie bloggers, we all know how important web traffic does to the success of our business. Therefore, naming a business this way may really be a good way to attract attention. Similarly, it is also very frustrating because you cannot find anything useful that gives you an idea on how they are going to help you increase your traffic.

The website says that you only have to follow 4 easy steps but in order to get more details, such as an overview about it, you have to sign up first.

So sign up, you will.

Then, you will realize that the “simple” and “easy” way they are trying to tell you about isn’t that simple and easy after all.

The marketing system they are trying to sell to you is called email marketing.

Didn’t they say that the business will make you earn $397 a day “all by just sending a few simple emails before bed”?

Here’s the fact: You cannot guarantee an income of $397 a day just by sending a few simple emails before bed!

That’s absurd.

While email marketing is one way to do an online business, there is no simple and easy about this platform.

There are steps that you need to take, things you need to learn to be able to succeed and I don’t agree that 30 minutes a day is enough for you to build such business.

How much does it cost to Join My Traffic Business System?

Joining My Traffic Business System will cost you $47. This registration fee includes the following:

  • Full Marketing and Follow-up Systems
  • Copy & Paste Simple Video Training
  • Point & click Automated Marketing
  • 100 Free Visitors to your site when you are done setting your account up.

But, before you think that $47 seems inexpensive for the opportunity to make $10,000 in 30 days for just a 30-minute worth of work daily, let me tell you that this program is full of upsells that will bring your cost to several hundred dollars.

Can You Really Make Money With My Traffic Business System?

Can you really make money with My Traffic Business System?

It is unlikely that you will make money with this business.

It says that they have a turnkey system that is ready to go as soon as you create an account but what they really want you to promote is basically the same empty and ineffective system that they are selling. Most people are either getting smarter or paranoid to buy it so you will find a hard time selling it as well. 

Granted that they will provide you with training on how to make the business work for you, I don’t expect to see quality to that training.

This outline:

*Full Marketing and Follow-up Systems

*Copy & Paste Simple Video Training

*Point & click Automated Marketing

…doesn’t say much about the kind of training that you will get.

Who can benefit from My Traffic Business System?

The only person I think that will benefit from this program is its creator, James Wendell because he will get to pocket the payments he’d collect.

If James is a bona fide millionaire, he could’ve hired a team to make this system really work. I mean, you are about to offer an opportunity that you said have worked well for you, why not make it right?

Oh, of course that wouldn’t be the case if all his stories are just BS.

Disappointing facts about My Traffic Business System

#1. Get rich quick scheme

Let me again throw that “too good to be true” line out there. It’s the most cliché line in online opportunities but we should never stop reminding ourselves because it’s so tempting to think of earning so much money in exchange for just a little or no work at all, that we may just succumb to the call of our inner greediness.

So, let us keep that in mind, my friends. It is possible to earn a little with so much work, than earn so much with no work. The latter never exists and if they do, they are not good in nature!

#2. No explanation about how the system works

It’s all filled with hypes of just doing the business for 30 minutes then earn $397 daily, and thousands in a month but it never says how it really works.

They promise you that it will be shown to you the moment you sign up but all I’ve read during my research so far is that they were never transparent about how they plan to make the system work. Furthermore, I doubt that it really works.

#3. Fake testimonials

An online marketplace like Fiverr is filled with freelancers who advertise that they will do video testimonials for you at a very reasonable price. You know what? These paid-actors who were featured on these My Traffic Business System testimonial videos may have been paid with more money than you will ever earn on doing the business.

Fake Testimonial of My Traffic Business System

Another fake testimonial proving that My Traffic Business System is a scamAnd Anot proff that My Traffic Business System is a scm

#4. Opportunity is limited to 100 people only

Scarcity tactics are often used by scammers to make you believe that you are running out of time and if you don’t act upon it immediately, you will lose the opportunity of a lifetime. This tactic is very useful for them especially when they don’t want you to have second thoughts about your decision if ever you were already sweet-talked and are about to sign up.

I assure you that you will never run out of slots on My Traffic Business System because the program has been there for a while but they are still promoting it now. 100 positions are not that hard to fill up especially if and assuming that what you are offering is a good money-making opportunity.

#5. Tapping on emotions

James has a really nice story. I sure have seen that in movies.

#6. Member support

I noticed that the members’ section of the website spent more than 5 minutes talking about how they value members’ support. They even indicated an email address and emphasized to check spam folders not to miss their response.

My Traffic Business System support

They have this very detailed instruction on how they take care of their members. This would have been cool if I don’t feel like they are trying to make you feel that they are very responsive in terms of members support.

Then, why this?

My Traffic Business System complaint

Things I like about My Traffic Business System

That would be nothing.

Is My Traffic Business System a Scam?

There are times when an opportunity may just not be a good one but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a scam.

In this case, I am inclined to say that it’s a scam because I don’t see any solid opportunity here that will convince me otherwise.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

We all want to earn good money and it seems that it is easier to find a way to earn money nowadays than a few decades back. Opportunities to earn online are aplenty.

Everything seems to be easily within our reach. You can purchase items that you want from far away continents, sell your products to places halfway around the globe. You can do all these and don’t have to even leave the comfort of your homes.

Some claims that you can earn money by just the click of the mouse, and that sometimes is true! But that’s not the case with My Traffic Business System.

When you want a business that will give you good money, you should be ready to put in a generous amount of time and effort to make this business work.

Even the wealthiest, most successful businessmen in the world had a moment in their lives where they had to work for almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to build the business that they have now.

James Wendell, if his story was true, would be very enthusiastic to share even a snippet of how he turned his life around. As it turned out, he never made mention of the things he did that made his life better which made his story look and sounded even more fictitious.

If you don’t want to fall into these scams, stick to more credible and reliable opportunities like for instance, affiliate marketing.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than 2 years now to know that there is a genuine opportunity in it.

And if you are serious and committed about doing an online business that will really bring you an income, you can check out my #1 Recommended Training Program. This program has helped me make my online business more effective in terms of its earning capabilities. At least I can vouch for this opportunity that it will give you a solid course outline where you can learn all the things you need, whether to start or boost your existing business because I have tried, tested, and have been successfully doing it.

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