Is Jifu Travel a scam?
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Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to my review on Jifu Travel.

Travelling nowadays seems very easy. With all the travel deals we see popping up our screen on a daily basis, discounted fares that airlines and hotels offer, and even travel expos are being held everywhere!

So, why do you need to sign-up for Jifu Travel? How will it benefit you?

In this review, I will provide you with more information about Jifu Travel as a business opportunity, which will allow you to make the right decision before clicking that membership button.

I will show you the facts and later on give my honest opinion about their business.

Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

Below are the points I will give special attention to:

  • What kind of company is Jifu Travel?
  • Jifu Travel’s Product line – Are their Products Saleable?
  • Getting Started with Jifu Travel
  • Can I make money with Jifu Travel?
  • Jifu Travel’s compensation plan
  • #1 Reason why you should avoid Jifu Travel
  • Disappointing facts about Jifu Travel
  • Things I like about Jifu Travel
  • Is Jifu Travel a Scam?
  • Is Jifu Travel a pyramid scheme?
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Jifu Travel Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Jifu Travel

Product Type:  MLM company selling discounted travel membership

Founder:  Jeffrey Boyle and Bradley Boyle

Best for:  Those who like travelling but don’t want to make money

Price:  $100 – $1.000 One time fee + $30 – $120 monthly fee


My Rating 60/100

Not Recommended

What Kind Of Company Is Jifu Travel?

What is Jifu Travel

Jifu Travel is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers travel memberships.

It was launched in 2018 in Idaho by Jeffrey Boyle and Bradley Boyle.

The Founders – Jeffrey Boyle and Brad Boyle

I cannot find any information on why they share the same family name. I can only assume that they are related, together with another Brian Boyle, who is also part of the Jifu Travel team.

Jeffrey Boyle has quite a long history in the networking industry.

  • 2001-2003: Regional VP of Sales. infoUSA
  • 2006-2009: Founder, CEO, President. Jus International
  • 2013-2015: USA CEO, President. Sanki Global
  • 2010-present: Founder, Leadership trainer. Networking Star

He has also been a success coach, direct sales trainer and small business mentor since 1999.

Brad Boyle, however, has been credited to being a Sr. Partner at World Consulting Group since 2017; and the President of Jifu Travel, to which he is also the co-founder alongside Jeffrey.

Both Brad and Jeffrey provide coaching and mentorship services to their members.

Jifu Travel’s Product Line – Are Their Products Saleable?

Jifu Travel Products

Jifu Travel has only one product to sell – membership to a travel portal that has discounted travel prices, from airfare, hotel accommodations, to car rentals, and other related services.

They are not travel agents per se. They are not responsible for booking your travel itineraries.

They simply give you access, via membership to different travel sites that offer reduced prices to fill in seats or accommodations.

How does it work?

Let’s take for example in an airline flight.

It doesn’t matter whether all the seats have been paid for or only half of it was taken, the amount of money required to move that aircraft is still the same.

So, what will the airline do?

They will offer to travel companies, like Expedia and the likes, those unsold inventories with a huge discount, rather than pushing through with a flight with a half-empty aircraft.

This is where Jifu Travel comes in.

Once you become a member, you will have access to those discounted travel booking sites.

Jifu Travel claims that they have similar deals with the leading travel sites.

This membership is what they are retailing.

To be a member, you have to pay a one-time fee of $50, and a monthly fee of $25.

To a number of travel fanatics, this is a good deal!

If you don’t want to pay for the membership fee and just want to know how all these shenanigans work, Jifu Travel also has some sort of a prepaid card, called the Buddy Pass.

You may enjoy the perks that their members have and be able to access their travel portal for a period of 6 months. This Buddy Pass is retailed at $100.

But, take into consideration that travel deal apps are aplenty and that most of them DO NOT ask for membership fees at all.

You can just download their free apps in your gadget and you can already gain access to different discounted deals.

Getting Started With Jifu Travel As An Affiliate

In Jifu’s website, they will give you an option to either “Join as a Member” or “Join as an Affiliate”.

Remember that membership is their retail option. This is the “product” that they are selling you.

But, the moment you press that “Join as a Member” button, you will still be presented with an affiliate membership option.

Yup, kind of a ‘subtle’ affiliate-membership pushing, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s not a problem if you really intend to become an affiliate. After all, you will be paying for monthly fees, then you’ll think, “Might as well, earn from it”, right?

So, here’s a guide to help you decide which membership option to avail and how they differ from each other:

  • Silver Affiliate Pack – $100 one-time fee + $30 monthly fee
  • Gold Affiliate Pack – $400 one-time fee + $40 monthly fee
  • Platinum Affiliate Pack – $600 one-time fee + $80 monthly fee
  • Diamond Affiliate Pack – $1,000 one-time fee + $120 monthly fee

I can sense that you are wondering why there are so many options for membership and monthly fees for a business that only sells travel membership.

I’ll tell you why as we discuss Jifu Travel’s compensation plan in a while.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying any of these affiliate packs, there is what they call the Entry Affiliate Pack, which is $40 in annual fee, with a $10 monthly fee, and is only limited to retail and recruitment commissions until 2 levels.

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Can I Make Money With Jifu Travel?

Can you really make money with Jifu Travel?

In theory, yes.

The reason why you will be an affiliate is to make money. Otherwise, stick to being a member, or better yet, just go to other travel sites that will give you free access to similar travel deals.

Since Jifu Travel is a very new business, I cannot show you yet any evidence of how much you will make when you become their affiliate.

But, seeing how an MLM business works, I can tell you that you will not make enough money with Jifu Travel to fund your next travel plans.

I have reviewed tons of MLM companies across different industries and all of them only have one thing in common – they have more unsuccessful affiliates than successful ones!

Sure, you can earn money from joining an MLM business, but the truth they advertently hide from you is that you cannot make a lot of money from it!

Joining an MLM business is like having a stake at lotteries.

Thousands of you may place a bet, but only one gets the grand prize. Okay, the other may get consolation prizes, but will you be satisfied with the scraps?

Statistics show that only 2% of affiliates in an MLM business succeed.

The other 98%?

They either stop doing the business because they realize it’s not worth it, or they keep on trying and get a meagre annual income which is not even enough to pay for their daily coffee.

Yes, that’s the sad truth behind a multi-level marketing scheme.

Jifu Travel’s compensation plan

Are you still wondering about the different affiliate membership packs?

Why they come in different amounts?

Here’s why:

The higher affiliate pack you pay, the higher the compensation you get.

It’s a fast-track compensation scheme. It’s like you are unlocking more levels of compensation if you opt to get the more expensive packs.

But you can still begin by purchasing the Silver Affiliate Pack because you can work on upgrading your compensation plan by going up the ranks.

Note that as you get upgraded on these affiliate membership status, you still have to pay the corresponding monthly fees of the pack you have upgraded into.

Yeap, you cannot avoid those monthly fees!

The compensation:

Retail Commission – affiliates receive $25 for every membership sold.

Residual Commission – $5 commission is given on retail memberships sold personally by the recruited affiliates.

First Order Bonus – 15% to 30% of a member or member affiliates’ first order.

Team Building Commissions – 15% or 20% on the lesser leg volume depending on your rank.

Matching Commissions – up to 20% on your personal enrollee’s Team Building Commissions up to 10 levels based on rank.

Jetsetter Bonus – 15% dollar value match of Travel Reward Credits (TRC) on their own Team Building Commissions up to $600 or 60,000 TRC per week.

To qualify for commissions, an affiliate must have a minimum weekly volume of 500 Commission Points (CP) on the left and right team.

Travel Rewards Credit (TRC) – virtual travel credits that members and affiliates earn and can be used to redeem products and services in the Jifu Travel portal.

Here is the detailed breakdown of the bonuses:

Aside from these membership compensations, you can also be given additional rewards as you go up the ranks. There are 12 affiliate ranks you can go through:

  • Manager – Silver pack or higher, recruit 2 affiliates or enrol 2 retail customers, generate at least 500 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Manager 2 – maintain 2 recruited affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 1,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Manager 3 – recruit and maintain 4 affiliates or enrol 4 retail customers, generate at least 2,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Manager 4 – maintain 4 recruited affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 4,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Director – sign-up with or upgrade to a Diamond Pack, recruit and maintain 6 affiliates or enrol 6 retail customers, generate at least 8,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Director 2 – maintain 6 recruited affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 20,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Director 3 – recruit and maintain at least 8 affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 40,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Director 4 – maintain 8 recruited affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 80,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Executive  – sign-up with or upgrade to a Diamond Pack, recruit and maintain 12 affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 200,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Executive 2 – recruit and maintain 16 affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 400,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Ambassador  – recruit and maintain at least 20 affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 600,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.
  • Ambassador 2 – recruit and maintain 24 recruited affiliates or enrolled retail customers, generate at least 1,000,000 CP weekly on the weaker binary side.

I think I have not seen a compensation plan that is more intricate than this!

Well, maybe there are some, but getting to the details of Jifu Travel’s compensation plans is quite dizzying.

If you really want to know all the details of Jifu Travel’s compensation plan, watch the 15-minute video below:

#1 Reason Why You Should Avoid Jifu Travel

Avoid Jifu Travel

Oh, there are a lot of reasons, especially after going through that complicated compensation plan, which will definitely be number 1 on my list of disappointing facts later.

But, if I will have to consider my first and foremost reason in avoiding Jifu Travel, it will always be its MLM business model.

You see, no matter how much thought they put into the compensation plan or even if they have the best intentions of making their affiliates earn more, the fact remains that there will only be a small percentage of people that will benefit from this type of business model.

It has been proven by a large number of companies that do their business on this platform, that a significant number of their affiliates do not reach their optimum earning potential.


Simply because that is how the MLM system is designed.

It was really made only to benefit a few who will rise to the ranks. I’m not saying that it’s impossible to go up to the top ladder because it is probable.

What’s impossible is for a lot of people to be up there.

Thus, MLM is really for the benefit of the few and it’s still up to you if you still want to gamble your future on it.

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Disappointing Facts About Jifu Travel

#1. Complicated compensation plan

Jifu Travel has a very overwhelming compensation plan that involved several ranks that honestly, I don’t think will matter anymore considering how MLM businesses turn out.

I don’t also know how they use that confusing compensation plan to get more people to become affiliates.

You have to be in the networking industry for quite a while to grasp that. It will surely be hard to explain all those terms and details to a novice in the business.

#2. Expensive joining fees

The price to start this business is quite high and it seems difficult to recover.

Let’s take for example the Silver Pack, which you will pay for a total of $460 on your first year.

This amount translates to enrolling not less than 19 members to be able to cover these fees.

#3. Requirements to qualify for bonuses are too high

Commissionable Points where Jifu Travel bases their commissions on is not equivalent to the value or actual fees that an enrolled member pays for.

There is a commission point assigned to purchases made by the members. So, if you see a high commissionable point requirement, the fact is the amount it represents is even way higher!

#4. The recruitment part of it!

Ever experienced walking in a room and people try to go towards the other direction and pretend not to see you?

If not yet, you will when you join an MLM business.

Things I Like About Jifu Travel

#1. Reasonable membership fee for frequent travellers

If you are a travel maniac who plans to travel at least once every quarter of a year, then this product is for you.

Go be a member!

I’m sure for someone who travels a lot, $50 enrollment and $300 membership fee for a year is a reasonable enough price, especially when you can get thousands of savings from the trips you make through Jifu Travel.

Is Jifu Travel A Scam?

Jifu Travel is not a scam because it has a group of people with a solid background in the business industry to back it up.

Personally, I consider a business not a scam when the people behind it do not hide from the public and if it is banking on the credibility of the owners to back it up, just like in the case of Jifu Travel.

Selling travel memberships is a legit business that is being done by several companies.

Is it a profitable business for you?

That, I’m not sure.

I cannot reiterate enough why it is not a smart decision to do a multi-level marketing kind of business.

If you are on the membership side of it, there may be actual benefits you can gain from it.

But, if you are joining to be an affiliate for the reason to earn money, I suggest you think twice and hard, and go look for that opportunity somewhere else.

Luckily, I have an opportunity that you can look into. An earning potential that will not require you to recruit people into your business.

Is Jifu Travel A Pyramid scheme?

Definition of a pyramid scheme

Although Jifu Travel has the very component of a pyramiding scheme – that is recruit people and earn from them and from their recruits and so on…

Jifu Travel is not a pyramid scheme, simply because it is selling a valid product/service. Membership retails are a legitimate way of doing business.

A Much Better Way To Build A Real And Long-Term Business Without Wasting Your Money

Here we are on the last part of my review!

And, I’m very excited to share with you an amazing opportunity that you can explore if you really want a steady income and totally avoid the need to recruit your family and friends.

But, before that, allow me to give my final conclusion about the Jifu Travel business.

In my honest opinion, it is a good product for frequent travellers. It offers a lot of savings if it is true that they guarantee only the cheapest deals out there.

It will even give an opportunity for people to travel more.

However, this review is made to show you if this business is a good source of income or if it will provide you with the means to achieve your financial goals.

In that case, I’m telling you that it’s not.

You may earn some but it will not be enough in terms of financial advancement.

I can say because MLM businesses almost always end up that way.

My #1. Recommendation

So, instead of putting your energy into Jifu Travel, consider Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform trainingThis is a business model which I’m sure will help you reach your financial goals the fastest way.

I’m not saying the easy way because you have to work as much here like you would if you were in an MLM business.

The only difference is that in Affiliate Marketing, you are working for yourself.

You will be rewarded based on the merits of your hard work, not by how much sales your recruits make.

I said ‘fast’ because as soon as you have set the system in place, there is no way that you will not earn from it. And, passive income is the best income of all!

To know more about this business model, please read my review on Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended business opportunity.

Give it a try! 

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be given an opportunity to grow your own business, exactly how I did it.


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