Home Profit System review
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Hello and welcome to my Home Profit System review.

A lot of us are looking for earning opportunities that we can do anytime in the comfort of our own homes.

Unfortunately, scammers are like hounds that can also smell opportunities out of this genuine and sincere need to earn a living.

It is important to look into every detail of an opportunity if it comes knocking at your door – or in this age and time – popping up on our computer screens.

It pays to be vigilant whenever we see new opportunities and learn about them before we dive in.

Let’s look further on what Home Profit System has to offer and decide if it will be worth your time and effort to invest in.

In this review I cover every important details such as:

  • What is Home Profit System?
  • How Does Home Profit system works?
  • Who can benefit from Home Profit system?
  • Things I like about Home Profit System
  • Disappointing facts about Home Profit System
  • Is Home Profit System a Scam?
  • ===>> A Much Better Way To Make Money – there is an actual and a better way to earn money where you don’t need to wonder if you are being scammed. On this section, I will share with you a wonderful opportunity that has allowed me to earn a stable source of passive income.

Home Profit System Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Home Profit System

Product Type:  Fake Work At Home Opportunity

Founder:  Not Known

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $97 One time fee +


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What Is Home Profit System?

Home profit system is a real scam

Home Profit System is an online work-from-home program that teaches you how to make an income on the internet.

According to its website, the creator of Home Profit System is Steven Chang.

Apparently, the name is such a generic name that although more than a thousand Steven Chang turned up in my internet search, none of them seems to be the person behind Home Profit System. Thus, I could not find any information on the internet that will give me more details about the person who is Steven Chang. I really can’t tell if he is a real person or just a fictional character to give the business a sense of credibility just because it mentioned an owner.

The website itself is not at all impressive. It just contains a written description of what the creator wants you to believe in and all that stuff, some motivational shenanigans, and a form that will ask for your name and email address.

I would suggest that you do not fill out this form or you might find your email flooded with spam mails and promotional items, or worse, become a victim of a phishing scam. 

Home Profit system works the same way like Amazon Cash Websites, Funnel X Roi, Cash Website Success or Computer Oasis.

How Does Home Profit System Works?

Home Profit System (HPS) has been going on for years now and sadly, there are still people who fall victim to this modus operandi. 

HPS works by taking advantage of people who are looking for ways to earn money online. It tells you that they have unlocked the secret to how you can become wealthy fast and quick without breaking a bone.

Others may immediately know that this is a scam, but there are some people who take their chances and still bite the bullet, which is probably the reason why these types of scams are still very much in circulation.

When you enter your information in the landing page, you will be directed to another site called secure job position where you find testimonials of seemingly real people endorsing the opportunity as an extraordinary and life-changing opportunity.

Home Profit System funnel site

If you look closely, most of these testimonials came from unverified sources, who like Steven Chang, may just be fictional characters.

Further on, the website will have a link that will bring you to another website where you will find products in e-book or video form containing the “secret” to getting rich quick. The cost of this product ranges from $97 to $140, which can be paid using your credit card.

Of course, you will have to enter your credit card details in order to proceed with the transaction.

Here is where you lose and they earn.

You will find that the e-book is utterly useless and the video is just a blabber. They do not hold any secrets at all because what you will learn from them are things you already know.

Okay, so that’s it, you figured out it’s a scam. But, it’s a tad too late because you have already provided them your credit card information, which is probably their ultimate goal.

HPS also advertises how you can earn by doing affiliate marketing program. I agree with them in this regard because I have been doing and earning good money from it for a couple years now.

They will pretend to teach and coach you. What ticks me off is that they are using the affiliate marketing program in order to scam people. What they are doing brings a bad name to the program that really brings good opportunity.


Who Can Benefit From Home Profit system?

The only people I know who can benefit from this sham are the creators themselves because once they get their victim’s credit card information, they just disappear into thin air.

Or, hide somewhere while plotting their next scam.

Come to think of it, they need not to hide because no one really knows who they are. Very convenient.

Things I Like About Home Profit System

There is really nothing to like about the idea of Home Profit System. But I have to give credits to its creator/s for coming up with such program.

Let’s give them some points for creativity.

Truly the possibilities are endless for people who think of scamming other people. It makes me think… their energy would not have been wasted if they use their talent and creativity in making something that will truly benefit not only them but the majority of people.

I mean, they have already exerted an effort to devise a system that will scam people. One more step towards goodness and they could have made a way to help alleviate a lot of people’s desire to earn a genuine income, rather than cheat them.

Disappointing Facts About Home Profit System

#1. Get rich quick schemes

There is no such thing as getting rich fast and quick without you putting a lot of effort in it. And if anything promises such, you should be running towards the other direction because it is a big fat lie.

Website is not professionally made.

A professionally made website may not be an indication that a business is legitimate but at least, some efforts can be done. HPS’ website isn’t welcoming at all. One look and it screams scam.

#2. Fake testimonials

The testimonials that you will be directed to change from time to time. Sometimes, they feature work-at-home moms, whose identities are unverifiable. Their pictures may just be taken out from cliparts and stock photos. Sometimes they are screenshots from news pages featuring celebrities that make it look like they are endorsing the business.

#3. Refunds not being honored

Oftentimes, you see refund guarantees on websites. It used to be a good thing until it becomes a part of the scam. It’s also a way to convince buyers that they are protected with what they are going to purchase. The moment the buyer realizes that the product that HPS has led them to buy is totally useless, the buyer will request for a refund. Unfortunately, the buyer’s efforts will be futile as their request for refund will never be honored nor the complaints be even addressed.

#4. Time is of the essence

You will be made to believe that the HPS opportunity has limited slots and you should decide immediately if you don’t want to lose the chance. They will even make you feel the pressure by showing you a timer. So crafty! I guarantee you that you will never run out of slots.

#5. Fake services, Fake products

Steven was offering a coaching service on the HPS website but I have not come across one soul that has been coached by the system, only tons of complaints about how they have been ripped off. Even the training materials in e-book and videos are not worth anything.

Is Home Profit System A Scam?

scam alert

It definitely is!

I cannot claim that I know everything about opportunities that are sprouting online. But, I have seen my share of business opportunities since I started doing reviews to know and be able to distinguish a scam from a legitimate business.

And Home Profit System has all the elements of a scam, beginning from its crappy website, questionable owners, and how it conducts its business overall.

What Home Profit System is, is a phishing scam that intends to steal your information and sell it to other big-time scammers.

Therefore, it is best for you to stay as far away as possible and never make the mistake of giving away your personal information.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

A much better way to make money online

Like I have mentioned earlier, I’m one of the people who earn an honest income through affiliate marketing. In fact, this is the best business opportunity I have come across in the years I spent finding a good opportunity to earn.

You can definitely earn a stable income by doing affiliate marketing the right way and with the guidance of reliable people. If you are interested and want to try it out, you can check out my #1 Recommended Training Program. I assure you that they are legitimate and will not rip you off because I got my own training from them.

Always be vigilant when it comes to online opportunities. The online marketing industry is a big sea of opportunity for scammers because they are like sharks that can smell people’s desire to make money.

I know that you are having doubts now that I have provided you a link to check out, given the similarity it has with these scams.

It is in fact saddening that scams like Home Profit System give real and legitimate affiliate marketers a bad taste.

When scams like this create a system similar to what an affiliate marketing is, people who are unaware can easily generalize and misjudge an actually rewarding opportunity.

This scam strips people of a good earning opportunity because they will tend to turn away for fear that what’s in front of them is a scam, even if it is already a very good opportunity.

Similarly, it affects people like us who are doing affiliate marketing in the proper sense of it. There is nothing wrong with linking sites. This is how you show people what they could possibly need. Rather than telling them to Google it, it will save them time to just click on the link.

Same goes with funnelling. Doing this properly and with the best intentions is actually beneficial to the people who need the product that you promote.

What we never do is promising people of a get-rich-quick scheme because affiliate marketers, like myself, know that there is a process that you should go through in order to achieve success.

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