Home Income System Review
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Hello and welcome to my Home Income System review.

With all the hassles of daily commute, more and more people are now opting to work at home rather than going to the office every day.

Working at home affords you the convenience of avoiding the daily rush. You can minimize your expenses and save time, and still have the ability to earn money.

Sounds great right?

Unfortunately, this is also the same opportunity that most scammers have their eyes into.

So, let’s figure out if Home Income System is the perfect work at home opportunity for you or if it is just one of those too good to be true ruse.

Through this review, I will collate all the details that will help you check out this opportunity, but if you’re tired of always trying to recognize if an opportunity is real or if it’s just another trick to scam you of your hard-earned money, then at the end of this review, I will share with you an amazing opportunity that you might want to try without worrying about being scammed.

Home Income System Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Home Income System

Product Type:  Work at home business opportunity

Founder:  Kevin and Jason – Not Real

Best for:  Nobody, just for the Owners

Price:  $99 Joining fee + upsells


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What Is Home Income System About?

What is Home Income System?

Home Income System is apparently a work at home opportunity that similarly to othe fake programs like Ecom Cash Code, Home Profit System and Website ATM promises to give you thousands of dollars in monthly income.

Their website will not give you an idea with what the business is actually about or how it will be able to make you earn as much as they promise. All that it tells you is that you will earn as much as $400 daily by simply posting ad links but before you get to know more, you need to give your information by filling out a form.

However, I strongly discourage you to do that unless you are certain that you want to join. Entrusting them with my personal information is something that I will not feel comfortable with.

Like in any business opportunities, you would want to know their owners to establish strong credibility. In Home Income System, you’ll get two names at least – Kevin and Jason.

Didn’t help much, I know. But, that’s the only information you can get out of their website or websites.

In some sites, it is owned by “Kevin” and in some, “Jason”. We asked for a name, now that we got two of them, I don’t think that it helped that much.

I guess knowing who they really are will always be a mystery unless you are willing to go through millions of Kevins and Jasons in the internet.

What Does Home Income System Promise You?

Home Income System's promise

Different Home Income System sites will promise you different levels of income. It really depends on you how much you want to earn to decide which site you will give your precious time with.

Jason said he will teach you how to earn $3,000 to $6,000. You can even receive $400 instantly as soon as after you have watched his video.

Kevin, on the other hand, promises that you will earn $400 every day. So, if you’re going to do this every day each month, you’ll get $12,000!

So, take your pick. Choose whose team you’re going to sign up with. Oh, I just found out that there’s also Jessi who says he can make you earn $2,500 per week with the opportunity that he designed named – listen to this – My Home Income System!

There may be tons of Home Income System websites out there but they all have the same scheme, the same con. They fill their websites up with dollar signs that aims to trick you into believing that they can really provide you with the opportunity to become wealthy.

However, it takes more than just posting an ad link to earn that amount of money.

The task of link posting is certainly easy, but what Home Income System fails to tell you is that to earn from it, you need to learn its technicality and acquire some skills. It will totally be useless if you just post links and stop at that.

….And The truth: How Does Home Income System work

Home Income System offers link posting

Home Income System does not show any details on how the business works or who its partner affiliates are. Only that they provide opportunities for people to work from home, and earn hundreds of dollars every day by “ad link posting” – both are very attractive opportunities.

Apparently, all you have to do is to post ad links on any of your sites and when people click on these links, you earn money.

Home Income System takes on a marketing strategy similar to affiliate marketing but they make it sound that easy.

Always remember that you cannot earn money without breaking a sweat. If it promises an easy money, then it must be something that you should thoroughly check out before you actually dive into it.

The sad truth is that neither of these websites can actually hold their promises true.

Link posting is a system that every affiliate marketer uses to earn money. I can attest that this platform can really make you money because I’ve been doing it for years now, and I have earned significant money from it. But, money does not come easy like how Home Income System is making it sound to be.

I agree that link posting such as affiliate marketing is a profitable opportunity. I can testify to that. What they did not tell you is that you have to understand the system, and undergo a lot of trials and errors first before you can actually reap the fruits of your labor.

Contrary to what you are being made to believe, you cannot earn just by posting the ad links.

If it were that easy, with the number of internet users in the world who can do this task, will there still be people who struggle to make money?

But, if you are willing to give your time and dedication to affiliate marketing, which I can say is certainly a good earning opportunity online, I can help and guide you on how to do this business properly – and I will never ask you for any fees or sell you any bogus system. Well, the only thing I’d probably ask from you is that you include me in your contact list when you become successful and reach that uber wealthy status. *wink*

Going back to Home Income System, the real story behind this so-called opportunity is its ability to lead you towards high-ticket programs once you sign up with them. It has the tendency to upsell other products to which you will be funnelled in order to increase their income – not yours but THEIR income.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Home Income System?

Joining this opportunity doesn’t come for free, of course!

Signing up costs $99.

But wait!

You get to “save” $20 if you sign up now. Sounds like a good savings tip.

And like any marketing and sales spiels, they will tell you that you only have a limited time to sign up and avail of the $20 discount, otherwise, the signing fee will go back to its regular price.

But we all know, and I assure you that it will stay that way for an indefinite time, if ever they still exist up until that time.

What’s with the urgency anyway?

If an opportunity is really worth it, whether signing up at the regular or discounted price no longer matters because a good opportunity is and will always be worth every amount you invest in.

When you pay a fee, you should expect to get something in return so Home Income System has all that planned.

Upon signing up, you will be entitled to a training program about Link Posting, plus other training programs such as:

  • Basic Facebook Marketing
  • Basic YouTube Marketing
  • Ebay Training
  • Dropshipping

Home Income System's training

This training outline actually looks beneficial. However, if you get to see the expanded outline, you will find that all the courses are pretty generic and will not offer you something that you don’t know yet.

Can You Really Make Money With Home Income System?

This is where the problem lies.

In the beginning, you will be made to believe that you can earn thousands of dollars JUST by posting ad links.

They will send you a training course that will show you how to make money using the system that they purportedly created.

But in reality, that training will not help you make money at all. What they are, are just a bunch of generic materials that will not actually scratch the surface of how affiliate marketing, as they claim what their business is about, really works.

Affiliate marketing is a genuine earning opportunity that when done right will definitely give you a rewarding earning potential.

If you really want to invest your time and effort into an opportunity that works, I suggest that you try my recommended opportunity, because this has been proven to work and has created quite a number of successful people.

If you want to know who really makes money out of Home Income System, it will definitely be its creators because they get to pocket your money with a very minimal to no effort on their part.

And the best part is that they can easily get away with everything because they successfully kept their identities concealed.

So, the next time you see an opportunity without an owner that actually exists, just be more watchful.

Disappointing Facts About Home Income System


Home Income System makes you believe that their program can make you earn money by just posting ad links but there is more work to be done than by just doing that.

It provided misleading facts about affiliate marketing that really bothers me because this is how I do my business and I know for a fact that there is more to this opportunity that posting ad links.

This kind of scam tarnishes a good earning opportunity like affiliate marketing. It hampers people from doing something that may be beneficial to them because they will start seeing it as a bad business opportunity rather that a very profitable one – all because of some people who would choose to go down that road instead of using their abilities to make an honest living.

Using actors to appear on their videos

Whether it is Jason, or Kevin, or whoever the supposed owner of this program is, it still baffles me how they didn’t think that the person in their videos could not be recognized and identified by the people who see him in different sites.

At least they could have hired someone who does not advertise their acting services on some online marketplace.

Here is the proof:

Home Income System uses actorsHome Income System uses hired persons to give false reviews

Things I Like About Home Income System

Honestly, it’s difficult to find something to like about Home Income System.

I can’t even find something worth mentioning about how their website looked like.

Normally, if I can’t find something good about the business, the least I can do is to look at the website and point out how well put together it was. Unfortunately, I still can’t find any commendable thing about it.

The moment I saw its website, it spoke scam to me. I only had to peruse it and give it the benefit of the doubt for the purposes of this review.

It didn’t prove me wrong though.

Is Home Income System A Scam?

Home Income System takes advantage of people’s innate desire to be wealthy.

Nothing against that if they can actually deliver what they promise.

But, to say that you will reach that level of financial success without working hard for it is definitely something that scammers will tell you.

What you will see on their website are all the things that you want, and they don’t have any qualms putting them up there even if they are all lies just to make you sign up for them. This is how Home Income System works.

Without a doubt, it is a scam and I will run far away from it, if I were you.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

If you look at the internet, you will find a plethora of opportunities where you can earn money.

The internet is just swarming with it but not all of them are good opportunities. Some are good, others are better, and some are just too shady. And we don’t want to get caught up in those scammy opportunities just because they promise us easy money.

We have long established that there is no such thing as easy money and when an opportunity seems too good to be true, they most often are.

When I recommend my #1 Online Opportunity, I do it because it worked for me and for a lot of affiliate marketers out there.

We are not here to get your money but to increase our reach and show you a proven system, which I admit most of us are affiliated with. We became affiliates because it worked for us and it could work for you too.

Instead of trying these opportunities that give you false promises, try something that is backed-up by real people, not actors who are being paid for making videos with scripted dialogues that they mostly don’t know.

Affiliate Marketing is a valid online business opportunity that will allow you to earn a steady stream of passive income. But I will never mention that it’s easy to do because it’s not. It requires some level of technicality but it doesn’t need a master’s degree to learn either.

You can even decide to learn doing the business by yourself if you have the patience and time to go through schooling yourself.

The training program that I am recommending you will hasten things up for you. Instead of spending years to learn the trade where you may commit some mistakes, you can speed it up through a proven system that this training program can provide you.

Let me give emphasis on that – I mean “fast”, not “easy”. With the help of this training program, what you can earn after two years would probably take you only 6 months to a year to generate, provided that you have followed and done what you are being taught about.

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