Ecom Cash Code Review
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Hello. Welcome to my Ecom Cash Code review.

While it holds true that e-Commerce is such a profitable business in this age and time, there is another opportunity that has been circulating about a different way to earn through e-Commerce.

An opportunity that allegedly brings you income with just a tweak in the codes and programming – or that’s how it sounded like when I heard about Ecom Cash Code’s sales pitch.

But, what really is this business all about?

In this review, I will try to look deeper into what this supposed lucrative business that can make you earn $80 grand easily, really does.

Can it really deliver what it promises?

Don’t expect too much from it!

As for me, I’d really appreciate if you can also check out an opportunity that I recommend because I can personally attest to it and because I have been earning from it exponentially over the past years.

Ecom Cash Code Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  Ecom Cash Code

Product Type:  Ecommerce “Plugin and Play” System

Founder:  Teo Vee

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $47 – $97 One time fee + different upsells up to $1.997


My Rating 0/100

Not Recommended

...and you can do it too without having to recruit people or risking your money!

What Is Ecom Cash Code About?

What is Ecom Cash Code?

Ecom Cash Code is said to be an opportunity where you can earn fast by taking advantage of what they claim as a small loophole about e-Commece. And that they can teach you what it is all about.

I’m not consenting to this but if this were true, wouldn’t you be paranoid and question all the efforts and money these e-Commerce sites put in on their businesses to keep it secured?

Ecom Cash Code claims that they have the plug-in on some e-Commerce websites and that when you follow the “code”, you will be able to see money rolling in for you.

I know you’ve heard of this a lot, but it’s good to be reminded of it once in a while in case we get to be overwhelmed with all this ploys of easy money opportunities: When it’s too good to be true, it always is never good.

They use replicated sites with different domain names such as,, and, to name a few. Unfortunately, none of these websites work anymore as of this writing.

Ecom Cash Code use different urls

They have probably come up with a new website but I will bet that the contents will still be the same. These websites I have mentioned came live and have all been operating (or had operated) at the same time.

The business is owned by Teo Vee, who you will see in the videos talking about how he amassed his wealth by a simple process that his friend showed him about this e-Commerce plugins.

What Does Ecom Cash Code Promise You?

Ecom Cash Code promises a seemingly simple method of finding a website that interests you and that can provide you a “plug-in” and if you follow this special code, you can earn thousands in weeks or even just in a matter of days!

Wouldn’t that sound interesting? 

It even claims that they have a “code that legally taps into the purchases of customers from all over the world”.

Isn’t that hacking?

It’s getting even more ridiculous how they are trying to make something that sounds and looks illegal becomes legal. When and how did that become lawful?

Advertising it to the public as some kind of an acceptable trade is bad as it is. Selling it as an opportunity to earn is just the worse.

Or, maybe it wasn’t just said the way it should be? Who knows? As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t look legit.

…And The truth: How Does Ecom Cash Code work

If you believe that you can really earn through Ecom Cash Code, think again.

Ecom Cash Code is not actually a program. From how it looks and operates, it’s more of a sales page that funnels you into another program where you need to make additional purchases in order to “earn”.

You might find yourself purchasing more through upsells than the original fee it asked you upon registration.

There is one point in the video where the method that it describes is similar to how affiliate marketing works where you direct traffic by funnelling into your affiliate websites. The only difference is in the terms that they use.

I think that this is another one of those affiliate marketing copy cats because we all know that affiliate marketing is a valid and honest way to earn a living. It’s a solid platform that really does help you create a profitable business of your own.

Ecom Cash Code claims that the websites will give you a “plug-in” and if you follow a “code” that you will be provided with, you can already earn commissions.

In affiliate marketing, you are given an “affiliate link” that will funnel your readers who clicks on it to the affiliate website. When they purchase from any of the items there, you will be able to earn commissions.

Don’t they sound similar?

The big difference is that there is so much effort in market research that you need to do in affiliate marketing than just “legally tapping into your customer’s purchases”, which I think is never a legitimate thing to do if it is possible to happen.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Ecom Cash Code?

Joining Ecom Cash Code will cost you $47 or $97. I found out that it varies on sites and on the programs you will eventually sign up with. Some say it can go up as high as $2,000 depending on what your “coach” will advise you to do.

Can You Really Make Money With Ecom Cash Code?

I really don’t see how you can make money out of this. What I see is that you may end up losing money than making them.

How is that that you will lose money than earn it?

When you sign up with them, supposed training coaches will start calling you. They call themselves training coaches but they are more like salesmen who will direct you into buying different products and programs which according to them are necessary for you to earn more.

The upsells will just keep coming.

Furthermore, you will not make money with Ecom Cash Code simply because its system does not exist. It is just a bogus opportunity that will bring you to generic sites where you will be given a sales pitch about a business that is also non-existent.

The reason why they’re getting such hype is because they have plagued the internet with similar website pages with fake testimonials from actors who you can find on online advertisement sites. The funny thing is that the fees these actors charge for their services may even be higher than what you will actually earn on this business, if you are going to earn anything at all.

Who Can Benefit From Ecom Cash Code?

From how I see it, only the creators of this program can benefit from it.

The video talks about how the creator of the business earned a lot of money from it but he never spoke of how. All that was mentioned was that he earned money from it and it can be done easily but he never tells you how. You will just hear about those nonsense plugins and codes that you can use even if you don’t know anything about programming.

Disappointing Facts About Ecom Cash Code

Multiple websites

I find it shady that Ecom Cash Code is using several URLs for its landing page, although they all show the same thing.

In most cases, you will think that this is a contingency plan in case one of them gets shutdown. But then, why would they consider being shut down?

It seems that even the creators are not confident with the validity and legality of how their business operates.

Another thing I’d like to point at is the design of the website itself. Have you ever come across something that immediately gives you a bad feeling just by looking at it? Maybe it’s just me but if I see a website that speaks a lot about “making easy online income”, or “get rich fast and easy”, my brain sets off an alarm.

And I tried visiting its websites recently, but they are no longer working.

Fake Testimonials

The testimonials found on the websites where Ecom Cash Code sent you to, are definitely scripted, using actors that are being paid for their enthusiastic delivery of their spiels.

You may find these people familiar because at one point, you have seen them on different websites selling another business opportunity where they apparently earned tons of money or on advertising sites offering their services for stuff like this. They are just hired persons from

Ecom Cash code fake testimonial

Ecom Cash code fake testimonial 2

Hyped-up opportunity

Whose attention will not be caught by an opportunity to earn a 6-figure income without doing anything? But, it’s all just that – a hype, because we should all know for sure that you can’t earn anything without doing anything. If you want to earn something, you should start putting hard work on it.


The manner it described how you can earn money from the business is very deceiving. It makes you believe that it has the key to making you a fortune in just using plug-ins and codes your coaches are supposed to teach you. When in fact, the only way they are guiding you into is buying more programs that are useless for you.

Things I Like About Ecom Cash Code

Normally, when I can’t find anything to like about a business opportunity, I just consider the aesthetics of the website just so I can have something good to say about it.

In the case of Ecom Cash Code, even the website lacks creativity that it has to resort to copied contents. So, clearly, there is nothing to like about it.

Oh yes, of course, the idea of a plug-in code that will work for you and bring you money. That’s probably something new.

Is Ecom Cash Code A Scam?

I can’t find a reason why I should not consider Ecom Cash Code a scam because from what I have seen so far:

  • No product, physical or services, being offered.
  • The earning opportunity is vaguely explained.
  • Fake income testimonials.
  • Use of multiple replicated websites.
  • Creator being linked to other deceitful businesses.

Because of these reasons and probably more, I find that it is rational to tag this business as one of the many other types of scams like  Website ATM, Amazon Cash Websites or Cash Website Success.

A Much Better Way To Make Money

If you really want to earn and make an honest living online, there are real programs that can help you with that.

And you can definitely hear all about it – in detail – from people who actually benefitted from those programs, people who give honest opinions about those programs and not just being paid to do so.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than two years now. I am advocating for it because it helped me build my business and it has been giving me a substantial income so far.

But, unlike Ecom Cash Code, I didn’t get to earn from it overnight and while I can honestly say that I am now earning a 4 to 5-digit income per day in some good days, which is becoming more frequent lately, it didn’t happen overnight.

I had to make it happen. I had to learn how to make it happen. It’s not some code that I just followed and made me wealthier after a day because like what I always say and know, there is no such thing as easy money.

WA PlatformI had to learn the trades of affiliate marketing. I studied about it. I was willing to be trained for it and coming across this amazing training program was the best thing that had happened in my search for the best business opportunity.

I was able to know how I can truly make a business online through this #1 Training Program.

There is no secret code that you can just follow to earn tons of money online, but there is a sure way to do it and this training program will guide you through it. Earning may not happen overnight, sometimes it takes weeks, months, others, even years, but with the help of experts who are willing to teach you how to do it right with the help of your determination and lots of patience, I’m sure reaping the fruits of your hard work will come in no time.

You just need to remember that there is no secret code to earning money quick and easy because it never happens. The key to earning money is to work hard in creating an honest business where you can share with others what you have learned so that they can also be given a chance to do what you did.

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