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Table of Contents

Welcome to my 22 Minutes to Profit Review!

First off, let me ask you a question!

Do you think, and did you ever believe that it is possible to make money in just 22 minutes?

You know, whatever your answer is, let us try to find out with this new program circulating around the internet claiming that you could make money in just 22 minutes!

Isn’t that amazing?

Before going to the review, let me be transparent to you here, I am not a member of this program that I am reviewing nor have I ever been connected to the program, so I guarantee you that whatever I am talking here is just an honest observation and opinion of the program itself.

There have been quite a number of “make money” program in the virtual world claiming to be as easy as pushing a button, and then “tadaa” you won! You get your money!

But it has always been at the back of our minds whether these claims are true or not, and hopefully, it’s also an instinct to enlighten our sceptical minds about these programs.

That is why it is smart of you for doing research first before diving into an “easy money” program online and assess whether the program could really give you benefits.

This review is being done not for the purpose of accusing any “make money online” programs of being a fraud, nor praising and promoting a program despite its questionable background, but we are here to help you assess the program’s potential of helping you find a legit and proven way to make money online.

So, together, let us explore and answer the internet’s million-dollar question these days:

Is 22 Minutes to Profit a Scam?

In this review, you will know the following:

  1. What is 22 Minutes to Profit?
  2. 22 Minutes to Profit System Tour
  3. Can We Make Money with 22 Minutes to Profit?
  4. Who Can Benefit with 22 Minutes to Profit?
  5. Some Disappointing Facts About 22 Minutes to Profit
  6. Is 22 Minutes to Profit a Scam?
  7. Much Better Way To Build A Successful Online Business – In this section, I am going to introduce you a proven method that anyone can follow regardless of qualification. It requires one thing, however, what is nothing but the willingness to work a few hours daily, but all your invested hours will pay off several times!

22 Minutes To Profit Review - Quick Summary

Product Name:  22 Minutes To Profit

Product Type:  A “Secret” affiliate business

Founder:  Mark Stafford – Certainly a fake person

Best for:  Nobody, just forthe Owners

Price:  $47 One time fee


My Rating 1/100

Not Recommended

What Is 22 Minutes To Profit?

22 minutes to profit review

This program is actually like any other “make money online” programs – a kind of affiliate marketing or work-at-home opportunity with many promises to its clients.

It claims to make money in just 22 minutes!

Imagine how pretty fast that is! Not just that, it also claims to have a “weird online trick discovered by mistake” and accordingly, this will let you make from “$300 to even $500 a day”!

Take note, they have discovered a “weird online trick” – meaning, they have an unexplainable method of making you earn the amount they promised in a day.

 They simply cannot elaborate on how will you be earning $300 or $500 a day.

This program is allegedly founded by a person named Mark Stafford, but upon looking for further information about the founder, I found none.

So, the fact that there is limited information about the founder that is disclosed to the public, should get us all a bit sceptical about the program or the founder itself, whether he’s existent or non-existent. They should have at least let us get acquainted of its founder for them to gain our trust.

I mean, why wouldn’t they want us to get to know the founder?

In addition, this program, in the beginning, has a $47 one-time fee.

Does that sound good for an allegedly potential program to let you earn $300 – $500 per day?

The fact that they cannot explain further to us their method of earning $300 to $500 per day and the fact that they have extremely limited information about the founder of their program, have made their credibility blurry to me.

22 Minutes To Profit System Tour

It starts with you, getting an invitation thru an email that will lead you to its website. There are also reports of people who are receiving phone calls and text messages telling them to visit a website if they want to make money, and it led them to the 22 Minutes to Profit website.

Once you visit the website and you are on their landing page, you are greeted by a sales video explaining how the system can help you earn $300 to $500 per day.

Along with the video, you will also get to see some testimonials from some people who have allegedly used the system and made a huge amount of money.

But in order to proceed to the next step, you will be asked of your full name and email address. This is for them to spam you with promotions and advertisements of their program.

If you are able to provide the pieces of information they are asking, you will be taken to the second page and there you will see another sales video talking about how easy it is to make money online using their system. This time, their promotional video is being hyped to make sure that you will buy their program because after that, a “buy now” button appears which allows you to buy the program for $47.

If you bought the program, you will be given a website with products to offer to people and then the process goes on and on. It is only until you have driven traffic to your website and some people bought products using your affiliate link, that you will be earning a commission.

 So, do you think you can do this within 22 minutes?

Don't waste your money! There is not secret method!

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Can I Make Money With 22 Minutes To Profit? If Yes How?

Basically, when you join this program, you will be given a website with products to offer to people and lure them to purchase your products. These products are mainly from Amazon wherein you will have to be an affiliate member which is easy to do.

Once you are done signing up for the Amazon’s affiliate program, you will have to plug in your Amazon link to your website where the program tells you where to place them.

After that, you will be driving traffic to your website.

After having driven traffic to your website, some people will be visiting your affiliate links that lead to the Amazon store, and once people start purchasing products at Amazon using your affiliate link posted in your website, you then start earning a commission for each sale.

Then, that is all there is in 22 Minutes to Profit, but let me tell you, it doesn’t only take 22 minutes to earn using this kind of system, it takes more than 22 minutes. It is not as fast as pushing a button as what the program claims it is.

So, the business model that is used in this system is Affiliate Marketing what is one of the best business models you can choose from, and it can be extremely profitable, but not like they say.

In fact, it takes more time to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business but if you really take it seriously and are willing to work, then be sure to read the last section of this review because I am going to show you an amazing training platform that helped not only me but thousands build a 4-6 figure Affiliate business.

Who Can Benefit From 22 Minutes To Profit?

After having its system evaluated, I must say that the program is not meant for anyone at all.

It takes a person who is well-acquainted with affiliate marketing and driving traffic to a website to successfully use their program. Nevertheless, if you are a person who is well-acquainted with these matters, and highly knowledgeable in information technology, then might as well build your own website,  and start an affiliate marketing business by yourself instead of paying $47.

Otherwise, join any legit and proven program online that has a good reputation and offers a good package deal to whoever wants to start an affiliate marketing business. In this way, you can assure that you are getting more than what you pay for.

Some Disappointing Facts About 22 Minutes To Profit

1.  It is NOT What It Claims To Be

Contrary to the claims of this program that it could only take 22 minutes to make money, it actually takes a lot of work to earn using their system. As what I have discussed a while ago, it is only thru affiliate marketing that you could earn from their program, and the process could take quite some time.

You have to sign-up to their program first, and then you’ll sign-up to the affiliate program of the Amazon, then drive traffic to your website, and then wait for people to purchase in Amazon using your affiliate link advertised in your website.

It is not as easy as pushing a button to earn money using their program. It is not what it claims to be. From the name of the program itself, we will perceive it as an easy money program, but it is not.

If you want to get into affiliate marketing business and you are willing to work, I recommend you to read on because in the last part of this review I am going to show you much better training platform that helped thousands build up a full-time affiliate business.

2.  Manipulative News Articles and Testimonials

The articles and testimonials on their website are manipulated. The design of their news articles is similar to that of websites or programs that have been identified as a scam.

Also, the people who are in the testimonials claiming that they earned a huge amount of money using the system of 22 Minutes to Profit are just actors. They did not earn using the system, instead, they earn because they are paid to act. This was proven because these people are also in other make money online programs who also gave testimonials.

Here is the proof:

The typical satisfied family – Just an image from Shutterstock

22 minutes to profit - fake testimonials

22 minutes to profit uses fake testimonials

This guy seems convincing – But he is only a hired actor from

22 minutes to profit - hired actor

22 minutes to profit - hired actor

..And they use fake news articles

22 minutese to profit uses fake news articles

I mean, why do they need to get actors to give testimonials of their program? Don’t they have real people who used their program and became successful? If they claim to be a new entity, then I think it would be better if they post nothing than post manipulative testimonials.

3.  Unexplainable Method of Getting Rich

As shown in their website, let me state it verbatim, “We discovered this weird online trick by mistake”. They did not clearly convey to the people how or what method are they using to generate money.

I think it is best that they disclose to the public how they will be able to provide their promise of $300 to $500 per day to their clients. In this way, we are able to have an idea of their system, thereby paving the way for trust to be built between their program and their clients.

4.  It is Similar to Other Scams

I believe that some of you here are familiar with websites like Computer Oasis or Clicks Dealer that have been identified as a scam. If we are to compare these identified sites to 22 Minutes to Profit, we could see quite a lot of similarities. From its landing page, we could say that it is so much alike to other scam websites – the news articles, the testimonials, the claims – they are identifiable.

Since we already have an idea as to what a fraudulent website and program look like, I hope we are vigilant enough not to fall into their traps. Let us be wise in investing our money especially in the virtual world since there is a pretty good number of scams in here.

Is 22 Minutes To Profit A Scam?

If we are to juxtapose it to other “make money online” programs that have been identified by the FTC and SEC as fraud, 22 Minutes to Profit clearly shows numerous similarities to these programs – a too good to be true promises, manipulative news articles and testimonials, limited information about the founder of the program, unexplainable method of generating money, and many more.

If we are to base it on the red flags it raised against the regulations of FTC and SEC, I am afraid to say that there is a big possibility that 22 Minutes to Profit is a scam.

You know, we should always remember, there is no silver bullet to getting successful or rich, everything is paid by hard work, determination, and consistency.

If you want to be successful in any online business, again, I advise you to look for a legit program online that can really help you realize your visions. How to look for legit programs online? Simple – research is the key – like what you did now.

All in all, 22 Minutes To Profit is a total waste of time!

A Much Better Way To Build A Successful Online Business

As you already know, 22 Minutes To Profit mostly focuses on Affiliate Marketing, which is, as I said, one of the best online business models.

What they “forget” to tell you is that nobody can make a real profit within 22 minutes. It takes much more time, even for experienced marketers.

The good news is that literally, anybody can build a profitable affiliate business who is willing to learn and work.

The only and most important thing you’ll need to succeed

The most important thing you’ll need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing is the RIGHT MINDSET!

Let me explain it in detail!

The vast majority of people who decide to try their luck in the online world think that within a few days they can make a fortune. That’s why it’s not surprising if they lose their hard-earned money and quit disappointedly after some weeks or months.

It is not just their fault, however, since dozens of scams appear each and every day lying that they discovered a secret way to make thousands daily, and all you have to do is pay $40 – $100 and they’ll share with you their secret method.

The truth is: There is no any kind of secret method!

All you need to build a real, long term business are the following:

  • The right mindset – As I said don’t expect to make a fortune in weeks
  • A comprehensive training – If you are a beginner and want to learn everything about Affiliate Marketing, you’ll need training. In the next section, I’ll introduce you to the world’s best training platform
  • Willingness to work – It doesn’t mean that you’ll have to work all day long, but 2-5 hours daily is recommended in case you want to be successful in a relatively short time

Maybe it seems unbelievable, but if there is a “Secret Sauce” to his kind of business, then it consists of the three things above!

When I said that anyone can build a successful Affiliate business, I meant it!

It’s true, though, that success won’t happen overnight, as it’s not a push button solution nor get-rich-quick scheme!

Consider it as a long-term business which can provide you with a full-time income and if you take it seriously it won’t disappoint you!

My #1 Recommended training platform – If you follow their training you won’t fail

If you look around on the internet, you’ll find that there are several videos and articles about how to set up your affiliate business.

But one thing is sure! 

You’ll never find such a well-organized, comprehensive and all in one solution like Wealthy Affiliate, which is an amazing training platform and also a supportive group of online marketers providing everything you need to be able to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

I’ve been taught everything by these guys, like:

  • How to build a money-making and professional looking website
  • The best way to discover hundreds of untapped niches which on their own are enough to build a full-time business
  • How to find MILLIONS of incredibly low competition key phrases that are very easy to rank for
  • The easiest way to generate high-quality content what your audience will really love
  • Strategies about how to design well-converting sales funnels
  • The ways to find high paying affiliate programs plus much more …

If you really want to quit the rat-race and fire your boss, I highly recommend to give it a try! What’s better it’s free to join!

But be aware of the fact: Statistics have shown that most of the people who joined WA never looked back! 🙂

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